Hello my name is Adrian London and I attend Georgia Southern University. I am a Biology Pre Dentistry major. I am from the college town of Athens, Georgia and I graduated from Athens Christian Private school. I, along with the rest of my classmates, are joing this Wiki in our English 1102 class in order to discuss and give information about the subject surveillance and mass media.

A problem I had in this process was getting access to the site. There was an administrators verification that needed to have full access and editing capabilities to this site, but once that was granted to me by my professor everything began to move a lot smoother. Another problem I faced was knowing what information was valid to put on this page that seemed worthy. After looking at a couple of my classmates pages I have a better feel of what will be acceptable on here.
A question I have about this is if someone wanted to edit or post something on my page is there a way I could set the page up where I have to verify their post? It would be easier to keep great information and bad information off.
I would be an expert on this topic at the end of semester because I will have looked at almost every angle of each word to give more than the obvious outlook to the words that can be learned through common sense. I will be able to give you a whole lot more to just the usual information with an extensive outlook that takes you out of your normal parameters.

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