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In the Fox news broadcast, the border is being treated as only pertaining to the southwestern border of the United States at a surveillance expo. The intruders that are called illegals seem to be the only threat in that region to the United States. The target of the surveillance expo held in Arizona was to show innovation on the forefront of technology and ideas created in order to wane the physical man power required to protect the border, being the southwestern area of the country.

Being that the broadcaster utilized the word illegals, he claims that the paramount threat is coming from the individuals looking to invade the United States in order to find work or partake in un-American functions. These individuals are the people hailing from the Hispanic areas in Mexico and Central America. Then the video demonstration continues on to show a diagram of “the border” only showing the Mexican border.

Ultimately our country is trying to cut down on the illegal immigration from the southwestern border. They are attempting to cut down on the amount of illegals taking the jobs of deserving Americans and uphold the rights given to America and America only.

While they say that Washington is trying to cut down on the spending for these causes, it seems that numerous amount of experimental technology has been used and produced in order to enforce the border. The broadcasters claim that the border is very mountainous and full of hills including other obstacles such as the Rio Grande, so there must be certain items produced to deal with surveying these parts of the 1933 mile long border. There are thermal cameras mounted on large transportable vehicles that can be transported and controlled without the attendance of a human at the site of the machine. In addition to the natural borderlands there are License Plate Recognition (LPR) systems developed that can take the license plate of a vehicle and discover the country of origin and compare it to a list of suspicious documented vehicles.

Due to all of this technology there had to been a number of undocumented immigrants stepping down on the United States’ soil from going through the natural borders, along with getting through host cars that drive them over the border, hidden within. If a car were to be a suspect in an immigrant smuggling operation, they could be detected in an instant with the new LPR system.

In the Bloomberg journal there are reports of the amount of workers in the task force for border security doubling over the past thirty years. No doubt, the borders were becoming saturated with holes for illegals to get through, and they needed to crack down. As the population grows and the amount of jobs grows, America grows larger and larger. While this country improves and grows, there are occasional impasses halting us in our construction. Depressions and times of hardship for the economy, such as the recession that contemporaries the Iraq war and happened years afterwards, left Americans with less value in their dollar, and less money in their wallets. This causes the society to get laid off and need to get jobs fast and easy. When illegal immigrants are taking the lower paying, lower quality jobs, when the Americans actually need them is when it becomes a problem.

In history there is a spike in the amount of border security desired by the country whenever there is an international controversy. Whether it be an act of terrorism, or just threats of war, the economy will need to endure these blows. While the news is meant to report to the country and let them know what they need to fear, what they need to do, and what they need to know, it will cause people to blame certain things for their lack of capital and money. When illegal immigration became an issue and people realized they were having jobs stolen from them when they thought they needed and deserved them, we saw the amount of security and regulation of the southwestern borders spike. These occurrences are in direct correlation to one another. The security and surveillance of our land and its walls are generally increased when the people within the walls feel threatened or in need of protection, especially when there is a group to blame.

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So What

This report is intended to show when and why our borders need to be enforced. This information relates to Americans as a whole, but it also can identify with people wondering where the bulk of the money spent on security is going towards in terms of border protection. Also, it will show if the security is just protecting for the time of foreign rough waters, or these are permanent changes to security, allowing us to know if the border security is just trying to please the public, rather than actually protect it.

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