Celeb Identities

Surveillance and mass media work hand in hand in retrieving information that may be suitable for pleasing or educating the public. In the celebrity world, mass media and surveillance do a great job in seeping into the lives of these certain celebrities and exposing their supposedly private lives to the world as either entertaining or nerve-shocking. The effect these means of surveillance may have on celebrities could probably drastically change their behavior or may not alter them at all. Whereas, when surveilling celebrities through a mass media known as the press, information that is being retrieved is sometimes altered to make a story sound more stimulating. This may give off false assumptions of what or who celebrities truly are. However, when you take up a more public means of surveillances through a popular motive known as the social media, you may find more accurate assumptions of what a celebrity is really about. By the use of social medias such as: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc., can one say that it has an influence on celebrity behavior? Do celebrities change their ways and perspectives when they are exposed to the world in order to hide their true identity? Are the celebrities we see now as role models and significant figures in our world really what we bring them up to be?
Comparing attitudes and accomplishments, one can say that Kanye West, Rihanna, and Will Smith are respectively different in these aspects. Obviously, their success is more similar, but when speaking of attitudes, we can conclude that there are significant differences between them. Therefore, when analyzing the way they may use social medias, more specifically, Twitter, one should be able to note their dissimilarities. When analyzing these celebrities, Kanye West will be portraying arrogance; Will Smith would portray confidence and humbleness; and Rihanna would express openness and free will.
Kanye West, a famous multi-millionaire hip hop artist, has a history for being arrogant and exceedingly realistic. There are many ways one can analyze how he displays these traits. Twitter, a means of global communication, can be used as a medium for such an analysis. When analyzing Kanye West´s Twitter page, I noticed particular outlandish things about his page that were thought-provoking. The first thing that caught my attention was his profile picture which on Twitter is known as a twitcon or an avatar. His twitcon was a painting of a black king with his head cut off and a pole in his left ear. Because the king in this painting resembles Kanye West, I believe that the significance was to portray himself as a king. When you look back on history, one may assume that most leaders that had to fight for a purpose happened to die succeeding or in the process of succeeding that purpose. Comparing to Kanye West and his accomplishments in hip-hop, the relationship between these specific “kings” or leaders is very similar. The only difference is that he is still alive. In his second of thirty eight tweets, Kanye tweeted, “Our family Hov brought that real hip hop shit this morning so me and Pusha wanna keep that feeling going.” When he speaks of Hov his family, he originally is speaking of Jay Z and those before him. Jay Z, who is sometimes known as Hov, is a very popular hip hop artist who has been in the hip hop industry for many years. Jay Z is an icon in hip hop and in this case, a significant icon to Kanye West and the Good Music family (music production containing various artists that are under Kanye West; “Pusha”, originally known as Pusha T, is in this family known as Good Music). Jay Z is known for his large usage of puns, metaphors, and phrases that he connects to real life situations. This tweet expresses one important achievement he has and how he plans to accomplish this achievement through his music. This achievement he is trying to display is obviously what Jay Z has accomplished over these many years. These evidential indications sum up to explain the main purpose of his eccentric twitcon.
Kanye West, based on his music videos, past albums, and verse lines, is exceptionally awkward. His twitcon is also an indicator to his awkwardness. Majority of the things he tries to render does not come off to the public as modest to understand. I believe that his twitcon also simply describes who he is and how he may portray himself. Compared to my first question, Kanye helps support the side where celebrities, despite the harsh and false information the press may bring out, still have a sense of individuality. However, compared to the second thing I noticed, that side could be contradicted based on how someone may perceive it.
The second thing I noticed about Kanye West Twitter page is how many tweets he has made. According to his Twitter page, Kanye West has only tweeted 38 times since 2010. Kanye West is not known for being talkative, but when he does speak, we do expect him to entertain. From the tweets I was capable to see, Kanye West only tweeted single words. Every word he tweets is an adjective that can describe someone or something. So, who or what is he describing? This may leave people to be confused and assume. Because Kanye is known for being extremely arrogant, one could assume that he is talking about himself. Another could also assume he is talking about his fiancé, Kim Kardashian. Nevertheless, he would still be portraying to himself. But, because his tweets are simplified down to only one word, we do not have enough evidence to verify that as true. However, because I have the ability to form my own opinion, I assume that these words were describing the meaning of what we know as good music. Authenticity, functionality, awesomeness, soul, and so on are all characteristics of music that he believes is “good” or specifically perfect. This leaves my question uncertain because with these two opposite and possible sides, the question cannot have a legit answer.
The last thing I noticed was his follower to following ratio. Kanye West follows one person and is being followed by 9,347,004 people. Why does he have a Twitter if he only follows one person and that one person is he fiancé? Same concept applies for the tweets. In the past two to three years, he has tweeted only 38 times. Why does he have a Twitter if he doesn’t even tweet like he wants one? The question to that and a lot of things is still left unknown. With the use of Twitter, one couldn’t explain Kanye West’s full potential behavior. Nonetheless, with his simple tweets, lack of images and blank bio, one could get that he does like to keep everything about himself a mystery. Because Kanye West is very successful at what he does and according to his followers and how many he actually follows, it is apparent that he has a ton of fans. This symbolizes his modalism in the musical world. Because of all his musical characteristics, he lures his fans in and keeps them around. Kanye West is an artist that you may say is liked truly and only for his music not his character.
Will Smith, the actor, does not have a Twitter account. This answers two questions of mine in a way that may seem complicated to others. Will Smith, being known for his success, his kindness, humor, and maturity, would not have a Twitter. What is he using it for? Will Smith has reached a time in his life where he has a lot of responsibilities and Twitter is not one of them. He has two very successful kids that are at a young age and need the physical assistance of a father figure. The mistakes Will Smith may have made with his career he wouldn’t want for his kids to do the same. Therefore, I believe he rather sit back and do his job as a father and an actor where he wouldn’t have time for social networks. This shows true maturity and makes him a significant role model because he defines what it really means to grow up. I have watched Will Smith grow from being a rapper, to being that goofy funny guy on the show “The Fresh Prince of Bel- Air”, and finally to a very prestigious actor. However, there could be a lot more behind the scenes to himself as well. For example, he could be having serious problems. Therefore, he doesn’t feel the need to broadcast these problems in order to keep his prestige high. Or maybe, because his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, has a Twitter, he feels that there is no need for him to have one as well. There are so many scenarios that may link to this, but with the little information we know about these celebrities, we can only assume the best.
Rihanna, like assumed, has a much opened Twitter page. Starting with her twitcon, she gives off the natural vibe that anyone may perceive from Rihanna, and that’s sexuality. In her twitcon, she is completely naked and her skin is oiled down. The picture is waist up and her breast is covered by her arms. The photo is appealing and expresses her more as sexy and exotic. The next thing I noticed was her bio. In her bio, she promotes her new album, “Unapologetic”, and also promotes the purchase of two of her major hits, “Stay” and “Pour it up”. This expresses her in another sense, where she could be described as business oriented. Another way she does this is through her images and her background. In her images, she has the video for the song “Stay” and on her background she has “Stay” advertised as well. This all centers back to her twitcon. Her photo relates to the video because it’s the cover for the song and music video. With this, you can tell that Rihanna relates everything on her twitter to her music. In a sense, she uses Twitter as a medium of advertisement more than a means of entertainment. However, when you view her tweets, you can see that she talks more about what she is doing and refers almost everything to Instagram. She will tweet about something and then describe it through a picture that she posted on Instagram. So in a way, you can say she uses it for entertainment. Her tweets as well are not always genuinely about her work. On the contraire, she really just tweets. Every other minute and every day, she is tweeting. Not worried about what she is saying or displaying, because if she was worried, there are plenty of words she would not use. Therefore she is very exposed with her tweets. I have come to this conclusion because when reading her tweets I saw a similarity within the regular world. She tweets just like we do and does not hold back on what she says. For example, if she has a problem with something, she will not hesitate to expose it on Twitter. She did this when she supposedly had what the public knows as ¨Twitter beef¨ with Ciara, another popular musician. According to straightfromthea.com, during Ciara´s guest appearance on E, Fashion Police claimed that Ciara said some not so nice things about Rihanna’s attitude that didn’t sit so well with the Bajan princess (Rihanna), igniting the following response: “My bad ci, did I 4get to tip u? #howrudeofme.” This quote caused Ciara and Rihanna to go back and forth on Twitter causing fans to believe they had a problem. Unfortunately, like adults they made up. This shows the openness and free will Rihanna used to retaliate towards Ciara. The womanly thing to do is to not speak on situations like that on social networks, but in person with each other. Because Rihanna did not care, she exposed the situation on Twitter. Compared to her 7,723 tweets, I’m sure this does not happen often.
Rihanna is a frequent user of Twitter. Meaning she is on twitter at least once a day. She tweets about personal issues and also work situations. She also tweets about what is going on or what she is doing at a certain time. Because of this, I have finalized that Rihanna does not hide her identity and certain things one should keep to their selves, she does not. Compared to the ordinary human being, she tweets just like everyone else. Certain situations she could have handled like a mature celebrity, she handled it like a depressed teenager. With the Chris Brown mishap, it was evident that the entire world knew about it. She did not try to keep it a secret; instead she uncovered it to the world. This and so many more of her slip ups every now and then leave her life more than a mystery, but nevertheless, a show. However, you can still come to a close that her career is over it all. Through the means of Twitter, her devotion for her work describes the love for what she does better than anyone else. That is why she is successful and a role model to those who may see a future in being a musician; despite her issues and problems.
With this, I am left to conclude that social medias do influence celebrities but not in the way where behavior is being changed but more of in what they are portraying. Some celebrities, like Kanye West, may not use their Twitter for anything at all. Others may use it for entertainment and also for expressing their daily duties more like Rihanna; while other celebrities don’t even have a Twitter because they believe that its useless. The use of social medias and its influence on Twitter is biased, so an answer may not be present. However, the lack of words and information can describe a hidden identity whereas celebrities are not using twitter for what it is meant for.
This sort of information may seem irrelevant to a share of people in the world, but to those who are dealing with this problem, this issue is important. Many celebrities thrive for their privacy and believe they deserve the privacy rights given to us by the Constitution. But, can we really say privacy exist? No matter how much we thrive for privacy, we give it away day by day. Majority of the human race uses social medias and other means of public communication. More for just communication, but to open their selves to the world. Believe it or not, we have those who are Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter famous just because of how they approach their selves on these public networks. When we do things like this, then we destroy all rights to our privacy because we render ourselves to the public. Based on these observed sources, you cannot say as much but it gets the point across. One can see that the world suffers from this certain type of exposure and it is obvious to believe that this publicity can affects us directly or indirectly. Some celebrities have learned to deal with this and just live life with this faulty whereas, others may just go completely into hiding because their lives have been altered and exposed to a point of humiliation. This may affect future celebrities where they may not want to go through these issues. It also may affect current celebrities, where they may be going into depression and might be using harmful means to get out of it. For example, Whitney Houston’s death that was supposedly through her overdosing. I’m sure the world knew she had a drug abuse problem, but was it that serious to cause her death? If her privacy barriers were broken down a lot deeper, we could have found evidence proving she was a hardcore drug addict. This type of invasion of privacy could have helped her survive. How can we really know what’s going on with these people? Because the one thing privacy is used for is hiding conditions that may not seem comfortable. But could the exposure of these issues help? We may never know, because celebrities close that information to themselves. At the end, it all depends on the individual, and how much one can take or how much one really cares for the public to understand. This leaves us ignorant to situations, even through the means of surveillance.

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