Chris Weis

Project Statement

In the next twelve weeks I hope to discover the effects that propaganda has had on society both in reality and fiction. By researching Soviet Propaganda as a mass media subject I hope to further my desire to better understand the effects of propaganda. As well as delving into the American anti-communism propaganda campaigns I want to include in my research major books such as 1984 and A Scanner Darkly to review what the authors of different time periods, whether intentional or unintentionally, predict dystopian futures. Such as in 1984 I hope to compare the background of the time period that the author comes from and what inspired him to write of such a Totalitarian Dystopia and compare it to real world outcomes as a means to put things in perspective.

About Me

I have written dozens of research papers and I bring this knowledge to aid in the project. Along with my writing experience I have read a multitude of books regarding Cold War history and the rise of communism in Russia (The Revolution) as well as fictional books that hyperbole the totalitarian government of the Soviet Union.

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