Eagle Eye Surveillance

My name is Brandon Yeager and have been researching the topic of surveillance inside of movies this semester.

Research Question
How do movies that portray the latest technological surveillance and role of government like Eagle Eye raise awareness to the public’s knowledge and opinion about being surveilled?

I am doing my research on surveillance and movies. The relationship of different types of new technology that are in society and the intervening of government throughout the movies would be classified as the surveillance. The certain movie would be classified as my form of mass media; Eagle Eye in this case. The movie is acting as a mass media because it communicates the message of surveillance to the group of people who watch them through film. With Eagle Eye showing the use of government with the new surveillance technologies, it informs the viewers not only about the new surveillance, but the abilities the government can do with them. This all being said, I want to focus on the feeling of paranoia that they feel after watching a movie like Eagle Eye and if it changes their behavior in society or view of being surveiled.

Primary Materials + Secondary Support
The primary material of my topic of surveillance and movies is the actual movie itself, Eagle Eye. The first and most obvious way is the amount of surveillance inside of the movie if you watch it. It directly relates to my research because the main point of the movie is to inform the public about the new technologies of surveillance and how they are monitored and my research is about what kind of emotions it brings onto the people who view it. This leads me to the second point of the idea and role of government. My research and findings about the government and the surveillance relate to one another and creates philosophies and emotions among the viewers about the interaction between the two. These findings include movie reviews and scenes from the movie. For example, during the movie, the government has almost as much control as the unknown source of power when it comes to locating Shia LaBeouf (the main character) and they do it all through different technnologies. It is basically how the government is involved with the new technologies that the world has today and its power to totally control it.

Another source is movie critics. These movie critics would be my secondary support and are interesting to look at because they tell you what every individual person thinks about the movie. In this case, these people in the movie reviews say that this movie is so far-fetched and unrealistic because some of the scenes are dramatically fictitious. I want to see if it creates an emotion of paranoia amongst the public who sees this movie, to see if they feel for the main character as he is being chased by an unknown source of power and why the government has so much to do with it. Also, other critics of movies like Eagle Eye would help from the different movies that other people are doing in my group!

I've learned through my primary materials that although my primary material is an imaginary and fictious movie, it still stresses a very important and valid point that actually isn't too far-fetched. The point of that the government can ultimately do whatever they feel like to dicate and surveil the average U.S. citizen through technologies that we may not even know exist yet. These movie reviews made me learn that not everyone is going to be so quick to jump to conclusions about the surveillance inside of the movie.

Answer to Research Question
Movies like Eagle Eye-that portray the latest technological surveillance and furthermore the role of government-raise awareness to the public’s knowledge and opinion about being surveilled by showing these actual new technologies and the government’s ability to use them. The people have no idea how much control the government does or does not have, and though some of the things in Eagle Eye are at times a bit stretched, I think it is the idea that people take away after they watch the movie. This idea can be found in the movie reviews in which people say their personal opinions and feelings about it. There are few reviews that give actual detailed and personal opinions about the government intervention because they are all about the movie itself instead of in depth details about specific things like the technology and government. I think the biggest factor is the fact that these movies are actually displayed to get their message/point out there in a way that most everyone can see. So, the real answer is that there isn’t a straight up answer of how it affects the public’s mind about it. Everyone thinks in their own way, some people open-minded about it and some close-minded.

So What?
My topic can be important to anyone that lives in the United States, or even people in other countries with government intervention that has the capability of watching these kinds of movies. I want to get their attention to watch this movie and movies that are related to it so that they can gain the knowledge about the government. Some of it may be a little far-fetched indeed, but the main idea about how the government has the control of these things is not. It is also important to the people who have watched this movie, to think about it furthermore and not just look at it as a movie. I want to raise awareness to the people who have access to these new technologies and how the government has more control then we think when it comes to monitoring it. When they read what I have to say, I want them to have the urge to watch Eagle Eye, and know that it isn’t some sort of fairy tale that could never happen.

There is no direct answer to my research question because everyone thinks differently. Everyone has a different imagination or will believe different things. They just might or might not begin to second guess themselves if they really do have privacy or if the government can have access to every little thing they do. But something that no one can deny is that these movies are in fact interesting no matter how you look at it, reality or imaginary, and it will definitely make your imagination run wild when you see something happening to an ordinary person that can happen to you. That’s why I chose to do surveillance and movies because the movie can be interesting and then also inform you about government, surveillance technologies, etc. at the same time. Some of you may begin to wonder though when movies like this will not be allowed to be made anymore or be shown in theaters because the government doesn’t want the public to know about it.

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