Ginger Bondurant

About Me
Hi, my name is Ginger Bondurant, and I’m here to tell you a little bit about me.
When I was a child I lived in Atlanta and grew up with my mom and dad. I grew up in a very conservative, God fearing home. Soon my mom had another baby girl who became my sister, Gracie. It wasn’t long until my parents got divorced, and I had to move to Roswell. There I attended high school and spent my time lifeguarding and playing soccer. I always seemed to kept myself busy.
A few things I enjoy most are playing soccer, painting, working with clay, and shopping. I have played soccer ever since I was about 4 years old, and I have always told myself I was going to be a professional soccer player when I grow up, but my plans slowly faded. I am currently a student at Georgia Southern University. Although I am an undeclared major, I get closer and closer every day in finding out who I want to be. I will be an excelent contributer to this wiki by the end of the semester because I will devote as much time and energy into learning this sight as I have to.

Although I was unable to complete last night’s homework assignment, due to the fact that the site wouldn’t give me permission to post, I am still writing a reflection on the site after exploring it a little on my own. In class on Monday I created my Wikidot, and for some reason I didn’t have a problem with that part. It was the part where I have to upload a bibliography that caused a struggle for me. I went to “pages” and typed in the space “Ginger Bondurant” to create a new page, but the same thing would pop up every time I tried to do this. The site would tell me I don’t have permission to post on it. I tried several times, but nothing worked. Once this kept happening, I decided to give up and explore the site.
Another problem I came across was when I clicked “My Account” I got lost. It took me to a page that looked completely different than the page that allows people to make a biography. It seemed as though it was a completely different site. I couldn’t figure out how to get back to the page I was on from My Account.
About my biography that I was unable to post, I just decided to talk about my life growing up and the things I enjoy doing. I included a little about my family and my religious views along with where I go to school now and all about my major. Everything that I chose to include had a purpose. I also left out things on purpose. After researching surveillance, I am a little scared to put any more than basic information on the web for people to see. Although I am a little confused about the site right now, I look forward to understanding it more and using it more over the course of this semester.

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