Gov surveillance in Hunger Games

Primary Materials Analysis:
I used several sources to further develop my research question. I looked at several internet sources that explained and showed how the US government surveys us. One of my main primary sources are The Hunger Games books. I also looked at a few other dystopian novels and some internet sources about dystopian themes. I have picked out some of the ways the governments in these novels are surveying their own people.
The United States is a democratic government with a President. Our government surveys us in so many ways. Some of these are wire-tapping, RELF tagsRFID , regulation of mail, boarder control, and airport security. One example of this is when Airport security regulations were tightened all around the country after 9/11 happened. This was to ensure our countries safety.
The Hunger Games Trilogy are dystopian novels by Suzanne Collins. The government in the Hunger Games is a dictatorship. It has 12 districts and a capital. It used to have 13 districts but district 13 rebelled against the capital and was destroyed. After it was destroyed The capital started the Hunger Games. This is a game show of sorts where one boy and one girl from each district fight to the death in an arena. All the home districts watch and wealthy sponsors from the capital sent in gifts to help their favorites. A few examples of surveillance in the games are the mocking jays and the cameras in the trees. The cameras are in the trees so that everyone back at home can watch them and see who is winning and what they are doing. Right before the tributes enter the arena they have a tracker placed in there arm so that the game master can locate them even if they are not near a camera. Back in the districts, they each have a mini government with a mayor and peacekeepers who keep watch over everyone and make sure they aren’t breaking any rules.Suzanne Collins Interview

So What:

It is important because it helps explain what would cause a government to encroach upon its citizens right to privacy. The audience would be primarily young Adults within a civilized nation. This is because young adults are typically the group that will take a stand when governments start to take too much control. I am adding my own opinions to the topic of government surveillance and will be expression where I believe the line should be drawn. The secondary source that I used to help me decide where the line should be drawn was Melkem compared the government surveillance in Orwells 1984, the hunger games trilogy and in the US government. In the dystopian novels the only people who ever see the surveillance as a good thing are the government officials. In the United States we can see how some of the ways our government surveys us is a good thing. For example, having cameras at stoplights so people don’t run them and cause accidents and tightening of airport security after 9/11. In the United States government I am not exactly sure where the line should be drawn. I don’t think that the government should be able to listen to everything we say or watch us all the time like in these dystopian novels but there should be some form of surveillance going on to keep our country a safe place. My second secondary source back up my point of that government surveillance is necessary to an extent. This article talks about how to see the surveillance in a more positive light.

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