Do you believe the goverment has the right to withold information from you?


My research is on FBI/Government investigations and conspiracies and their censorship in information shared in the media as of news and etc. A Government investigation fits under police/government surveillance, which is surveillance used to gain information on criminal activities and other activities they seem are important. The difference In government surveillance and regular surveillance is that they have access to more information than other surveillances. Through law they can get every bit of known information about you including but not limited too every place you lived, every family member you have, your finger prints, observe your calls, and track you by your cellphone . Government Censorship is the government blocking or changing information before it reaches the public. Government is different than other forms of censorship because its hard to get around or disregard it.


Unlike your mother in the past saying "hey this is not appropiate for you", and you disregarding and sneaking to see what was deemed inappropiate, the goverment has authority to eliminate any thing they deem inappropriate. Through the FCC and other government programs they can manipulate what goes out in mass media. With government censorship they have a right to block your access to any material they view should not be accessible.

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Narrowed Topic Statement

I narrowed my topic statement to government/FBI investigations and how they are censored or portrayed in the media. The Government and FBI has numerous of investigations a year. Most are confidential, the ones they allow the public to know information on they can impact how the story is told. There are conspiracies that are held by the government that are not portrayed in mass media. Most Americans get there information from the mainstream news and what is broadcasted on air. There are big stories we should here about from the action of the government after investigations. Told by New York Times in a certain incident that tried to be concealed, “Despite the Obama administration’s effort to keep it cloaked in secrecy, the decision to hunt and kill Mr. Awlaki has become the subject of new public scrutiny and debate”. Some topics are not shared on TV news venues and their is a reason for that.

Topic Familarity

My topic is something I have been concern about for a while. There have always been accusations on the government for holding conspiracies and certain incidents from the public. I hear a lot of topics and conspiracies so I go and search and investigate for myself. Looking at majority of well-known sources on the internet I developed my own opinion on the topic. Before researching and picking my topic, I didn’t realize how much they try to hold information from the general public. I only thought it was necessary incidents.

Research question

How do government investigation agencies censor and coneal information from the public and why?


For my topic I will be looking at government investigations, actions and their control on the media to misconstrue or limit the information they give to the public. Majority of my research will be looking at stories and issues that the government has censored, in other words government censorship in media. Government censorship is different than other forms of censorship. Government censorship is when the government controls information that goes through mass media, for my research I will focus on Television. With television the government has more control than other media channels as of the internet etc…, by using government programs such as the FCC. Television being a major contributor to the mass media, the government can control majority of the media we receive. In the certain incidents I am examining, the government will censor these stories before they reach the public or censor how they reach the public.
The first incident I am observing is the murder of American citizen Abdulrahman Anwar al-Aulaqi. Abdulrahman Anwar al-Aulaqi (the age of 16 at the time of his death) is an American born citizen with middle eastern decent.


Recently in 2011 the United States government sent two assault drones and landed attacks on him in the country of Yemen, where he was visiting to learn information on his father who has not seen or talk to him in years. Abdulrahman Anwar al-Aulaqi father who beilived to be apart of a terrorist organization but Anwar himself had no ties to any terroristic organization. His grandfather the one who took care of him at this time explained telling CNN "I took care of him, and suddenly after 2 year absence from his father, he decided to go to our government in Yemen to seek information from his father. That was the only reason he went, and he did not tell us.” A major event like this would be aired on television news. Even though his Grandfather has been interviewed by major News stations such as CNN, Which is the biggest news venue in the United States you would think this would be televised. Instead the government censored this story, so it would not be televised. Presidential adminstrations want to keep a good reputations in the country so certain mistakes and wrong doings of the government can be censored to keep their reputation clean. According to a NBC news article "The Obama administration has remained mostly mum regarding Abdulrahman's death, and at times has struggled to explainit"[]. When the government censored this information NBC News tried to find answers releasing this statement"A secretive memo from the Justice Department, provided to NBC News, provides new information about the legal reasoning behind one of the Obama administration's controversial policies. Now, John Brennan, Obama's nominee for CIA director, is expected to face tough questions about drone strikes on Thursday when he appears before the Senate Intelligence Committee. NBC's Michael Isikoff reports"

In another incident, I am observing North Korea propaganda videos. These videos which have been posted on the North Korean government website in 2013 and all over youtube , has video portrayal of Americans city being blown up with lucrative lyrics. NBC Again one of the only non goverment influenced news venues talks about a certian video that depicts the U.S capitol being induced in flames. According to NBC news "An image taken from a North Korean propaganda website Monday appears to show the U.S. Capitol — wrongly identified as the White House — being hit by a missile."[] In another propaganda video it depicts an American city getting blown up to we are the world. From NBC the translation of some the lyrics are "Black smoke is seen somewhere in America," the Korean text of the video says. "It seems that the nest of wickedness is ablaze with the fire it started." This is the video posted below. Despite being at conflict with this country, it being a possible threat to America, and posting more than one threatning propaganda video. It has not been aired on television news. For certain reasons this story has been censored by the government. Why would the government censor this you may ask? This type of censorship is what i call crowd control. The government wants to keep the public stabalized and not overworried about these threats. They want Americans to have no fear, but should this important information be left in secrecy. Only us the public can answer that not left in the hands of our goverment officials.

So What

My topic’s audience is every American citizen mature enough to know the importance of having mainstream media share information of important events and how it affects our rights when the government censors these events. There is no exact age but to estimate I would say my audience is 14 and up. This is a very important topic in society today. We all have a right to know information about important events our leaders and government participate in. We elect some of these individuals and put faith in them to lead and represent our country for the better. We should all be able to receive an unbias, uncensored, and mainstream information going on with our country leaders and information going on with our country in general. For some reason the government still believe it’s alright to censor any information they please. Citizens need to know that the government still censors majority of mainstream media, and we need to stand up for the information we don’t receive.


How do government investigation agencies censor information from the public and why? The government has been censoring information for centuries. There are many reasons why the government censors information. The main way that government portrays their censorship is censoring the negative or offensive material in the mainstream media. This is a service by the government to protect younger viewers. The other way that the government censors our media is the censorship of information. The reason that the government censors information is for two reasons. One is supposedly for the interest of the public, as to protect the public from fear. Such as with the Propaganda videos. The other is for their self image as in history the government hates admitting to their flaws as before and know the government will censor stories and information to uphold as a righteous figure in society.

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