Government Surveillance Through Private Invasions


For this assignment I studied the legalities surrounding government surveillance and how it’s invading social networking. Government surveillance includes drone strikes, tapping phone lines and invading social networking sites such as Facebook. Tapping phone lines has always been one of the most common, if not the most common, form of government surveillance. Previously, phone tapping became a possibility due to the mass development of landlines throughout the entire country. This gave government agencies the capability of listening in on conversations between two separate people. Through technological development, the capability of tapping phone lines became even more invasive through cellular telephones. With today’s wireless technology and majority of people carrying a cell phone on their person, the government has the capability of monitoring almost everyone that poses a potential threat. Furthermore, wireless monitoring has graduated to accessing webcams attached to computers, which leads to the Internet. The Internet is fairly new, only becoming mainstream within the past 20 years. However, it is easily the fastest growing public resource for all sorts of information and has developed certain websites used for social networking. Social networking has grown rapidly on the Internet over the past 10 years. Your typical social networking site contains photographs and documentations from the user on their own page that contains random amounts of information about them. These have created a sort of goldmines for surveyors of any agency since the Internet is made so public. The biggest social networking sites out there right now are Facebook, which has a messaging system and picture/video system documenting what people are, or have been, doing. Twitter is another site that documents pictures and small statements about what the user is doing or thinking.

Finally, there’s a new form of surveillance involving drones. This is a hotly debated topic on whether is ethical and constitutional. A drone is any form of remote controlled device that can be remotely piloted and is used to survey and sometimes even attack a person or location. These range from microscopic helicopters that can be easily maneuvered anywhere with the capability of firing a machine gun. Other, more common forms are predator drones which are unmanned aerial vehicles that can survey any location via infrared imaging and can fire ballistic missiles at any location.

Primary Materials


My first primary source is Infowars is run by radio host Alex Jones and his group of journalists, reporters, editors, etc. The main objective of this website is to discover the truth what the US government is usually up. Whenever a major terror event happens or when a controversial piece of legislation gets passes, their first question is whether the government was behind said event or if there is a sinister purpose behind any specific piece of legislation. This pays in my favor since cyber invasion through social media can be unconstitutional, and if any case ever comes up where that’s the scenario, Infowars usually has something to report on it and it’s legality. Also, with the new topic of using predator drones for domestic surveillance, as well as ballistic strikes from those drones, Infowars has been constantly spitting out new updates on the legislation surrounding the permission of using such devices.

Prison Planet

My second primary source is Prison planet is similar to infowars with the exception that it’s focused more towards how the government invades and deteriorates certain rights and freedoms. A major topic for them is cyber security and invasion through any form of media by the government. Essentially, prison planet is a group of journalists who try to discover and uncover the truth behind any government plot to personally and illegally invade and survey the US people.

So What

Although my research is extremely important to a majority of the people of the US, it’s primarily focused towards avid user of social networking, both through websites and cell phones. I’m hoping that through my research I can add a new perspective on how people view government surveillance. Most people aren’t really aware of the threat the government can become with the tools that they now have readily available, which is exactly why my work is so important. My goal is to open up other people’s eyes to the possible threat our government imposes. The only way the people can combat government intrusion is to arm themselves with knowledge about the constitutional limitations our government has so that they may combat against such intrusions.

My sources played a major role in uncovering different examples and critical points that will help to unveil my research. Prison Planet will be my strong point here since it dedicates it’s whole line of research to uncovering, reporting, and spreading awareness of when our government oversteps it’s permissible boundaries. Other secondary resources I have will aid in proving how it’s technologically possible for the government to access almost everything about us through modern technology such as hacking cameras on cell phones and webcams on computers

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