Government surveillance on cell phones

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How does the government use cell phones to help catch criminals?

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Based on articles published by “CNN” and “Occupy Corporatism” the United States Government can track a person’s cell phone calls and text messages. In addition they can also record conversations and take pictures with a phone while it is turned off. However, the government in not the one that is finding out all the information. The truth is, cell phone companies have it in their contract that they are allowed to keep record of all the information that is obtained on a customer’s phone. Not only is the cell phone company allowed to keep record of it, but all of the information is now the companies. Since the information is considered to be the phone companies, the company is able to do whatever they want with it. That includes selling it.
The Government would still be able to find out all of this information on there own if they truly wanted to. An Article that is on the "NBC News" website tells how the information can be received from a smart phone. However, in order for an outside source to get the information from the phone, it still depends on the phone's user.
That is not the case for figuring out where a phone is though. This information may or may not be obtained without a warrant from the police. An article on Truth-Out explains and gives reasons why this is true. One of the major defenses that is being upheld is the Fourth Amendment. Although the amendment protects citizens from the government looking at the conversations, it does not protect them from the law finding out where they are located. Despite the fact that the law enforcement is aloud to track the location of a person/ phone, it does not give them the ability to barge into a citizens house or home without a warrant.

So What

This information could play a crucial role in a person’s life, more directly criminals or anyone that is trying to hide something from the law. So if you fall into one of those categories, then be aware that the government can find you or what you are trying to hide very easily, if it is on your phone. This includes when the phone is off, the government is still able to get the information that the criminal is talking about when the phone is turned off, or even take pictures of the surrounding area.

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