Government Surveillance Through Social Media

My first primary source will be Infowars is run by radio host Alex Jones and his group of journalists, reporters, editors, etc. The main objective of this website is to discover the truth what the US government is usually up. Whenever a major terror event happens or when a controversial piece of legislation gets passes, their first question is whether the government was behind said event or if there is a sinister purpose behind any specific piece of legislation. This pays in my favor since cyber invasion through social media can be unconstitutional, and if any case ever comes up where that’s the scenario, Infowars usually has something to report on it and it’s legality. Also, with the new topic of using predator drones for domestic surveillance, as well as ballistic strikes from those drones, Infowars has been constantly spitting out new updates on the legislation surrounding the permission of using such devices.

My second primary source will be Prison planet is similar to infowars with the exception that it’s focused more towards how the government invades and deteriorates certain rights and freedoms. A major topic for them is cyber security and invasion through any form of media by the government. Essentially, prison planet is a group of journalists who try to discover and uncover the truth behind any government plot to personally and illegally invade and survey the US people.

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