Illuminati-Surveillance and Mass Media

Primary Materials Analysis

Under my topic of Illuminati the primary sources I came up with were mainly forms of social networks. Where the Illuminati first caught my attention was over Twitter. Lately the main celebrity I associate with the Illuminati is Beyonce Beyonce
because of the recent scandal at the Super Bowl. Since a lot of my research and focus is the effects that Hollywood has on the popularity and expansion of the Illuminati theory. Along with following Beyonce Knowles account on twitter other celebrities especially rappers that are thought to be associated with the Illuminati tweets are a lot of the time suspicious and hint to the Illuminati. I think that this source will help with my research because it feeds directly into my main forces of the stars of Hollywood expanding the theory of the Illuminati and what it stands for.

Another source I have used in my research is numerous articles. Although a lot of the articles the authors put their own thoughts in it still shows and answers common questions that come along with the topic. Many of the articles bring up more questions sometimes because you consider what the authors thoughts and opinions. Reading through these articles it has molded my initial thoughts about the subject. The majority of the articles online that I have looked over go into detail on the biblical history of the Illuminati which is important to get a good background but is not what I'm focusing on for my research. My focus is on modern day Illuminati and its presence in today’s Hollywood scene. One article focuses on the lyrics in many rap songs where the singers talk about or hint at the Illuminati. article
This article in my opinion is really helpful becasue it takes into account the authors thoughts which bring many other questions and help take my reserach further.
My last primary source is YouTube videos. These videos give a visual explanation to many questions raised from the articles. Also, the videos show proof of where the Illuminati are present in everyday life. Most of the videos are composite of images of stars holding up the Illuminati sign or images of things that hint at the Illuminati. The main thing I learned front the video is that the Illuminati sign is on the American dollar bill which kind of actually scares me. The YouTube video "Music Industry: Part 1 of 3: Blood Money" really shows that the Illuminati has infiltrated the music industry a lot.

So What

I am studying this topic mainly because it sparks my interest and makes me question a lot of things that I would like to try to investigate and find answers for. Many people blow off the thought of the Illuminati but some of the clues you can’t simply ignore or not find coincidental. This research doesn’t really target a specific audience other that people that are interested or try to fight the theory. The main people that keep up or follow up with the Illuminati are people that also keep track with Hollywood’s hottest stars and if people are in fact curious on the topic. I am studying this topic to try and find answers to tie up loose ends and provide answers and evidence others may have not found yet. I think having my research based on some of Hollywood’s hottest who are easily the most watched people gives the most relevant and believable audience. I am not fully on sided on the topic so after my research is fully completed I’d like to decide. For my audience I think it’s good to have my research from this angle because it makes it more up to date in today’s society than recent research that dates back to years and years ago. The main source I have that backs up my thoughts and theories would be the article by Wes Penre who gives a summary of previous works that really help minimize and conduct a main thought. The source that helps link Hollywood stars and the Illuminati would be following particular people like Beyoncé on Twitter. Although most of the tweets on the Illuminati account are jokes it still puts thoughts in your head and makes you question yourself. My main reason for this research would be to help settle some of the hysteria caused by this topic. Many serious church goers cringe at the thought of this secret order and try to put these rumors to rest while evidence from Hollywood makes proof of some of the raised questions. I am simply trying to shape an understanding for those in the middle to decide for themselves.

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