Internet Surveillance

By: Wesley Guy

In my research of observing some of the effects of tweet watching in relationships on Twitter, I want to discuss surveillance, which is the act of paying attention to one's behaviors and actions for order and security- such as data mining, profiling, satellite imagery, etc. - while trying to gain knowledge on a specific individual or group, and taking the broad topic and narrow that topic to a more specific type of surveillance. In the area of surveillance, I want to specifically focus on computer surveillance. Computer surveillance is a different type of surveillance, defined above, which involves the activity of monitoring data and activities that have been performed and stored onto one's computer. And to even further narrow my topic, when it comes to surveillance, I would like to focus on something called "tweet watching", which consist of a user constantly watching someone's tweets on Twitter, and making assumptions of what was being posted, almost like stalking someone, but just on the internet.

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