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Google Transparency Report-Removal Requests
Google Transparency Report-User Data Requests

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My topic for research is Government surveillance and Google. Government surveillance is similar to parental surveillance. Government surveillance has the ability to change what is put out into the public however they think will be better for the citizens. They can manipulate the information by cutting out information, or adding information that they want the public to know.Transparency Report- Removals With Government surveillance they can also watch what you are doing, as shown in the transparency report from Google. Transparency Report- User Data Request They can track what you are doing, gather your information and they can do all of this without your written consent. When you use Google they require you to sign up for an account if you decide to post information. When you sign up the privacy policy comes up and in that privacy policy it says that they have the right to, “Review and control certain types of information tied to your Google Account by using Google Dashboard, View and edit your ads preferences, such as which categories might interest you, using the Ads Preferences Manager. You can also opt out of certain Google advertising services here. Use our editor to see and adjust how your Google Profile appears to particular individuals. Control who you share information with, and take information out of many of our services.” Privacy Policies Government surveillance also has the ability to gather information off social media websites. In the transparency report recently released the Government “ asked for information of users and requested that certain information be removed from Google.” Transparency Report- Removals This is similar to parental surveillance because parents can also change what their children see and manipulate the information by cutting things out or adding what they want their children to see. Parental surveillance also can watch what their children are doing at all times and record the information without the child’s consent. A common product used by parents is called Web Watchers. Using this product they have all these abilities that are very similar to Government surveillance. Even though government surveillance and parental surveillance is very similar the difference between the two is government surveillance is watching over hundreds of thousands of people and parental surveillance is watching over a much smaller number, usually between 1 and 6. Web Watchers “allows parents to monitor a computer from any computer with internet access so you do not have to keep checking from the computer you are monitoring” Both watch over the different groups of people to make sure they are not doing anything wrong, but the government is making sure information does not contain anything illegal or anything to disturb the peace of the nation, while parents are making sure their children are not doing anything illegal or disturbing for that one individual.

Narrowed Topic Statement

I have done research on government surveillance and big companies but I noticed that Google has had a lot of information and dealt with this and have made it known to the public a lot more than other companies has. The latest Google Transparency Report. In this transparency report “Google fielded 20,938 requests for private account data for governments around the world between January and June of 2012.” Click Here The government has always watched over large companies but recently they have been doing it more Google stores all data and personal information about its users. Google let the public know how often governments around the world ask to get user data for criminal investigations by posting the transparency report. Google has also reveled how often different government agencies request that public content be removed from Google. Google regularly releases data on government requested information, but they also tell users how they comply with government requests and delete the information.

So What

Government Surveillance and Google can be important to many different types of people, anyone who uses the Internet as posts information on it. But my targeted audience for my research is Internet users between the ages of 18 and 25. I chose these ages because I would think that this is the age that would post information on the Internet. My research is important to this age group for many reasons. In my research, I found out that the Government can request any user information that they want. Click Here This past year they requested 21,398 user data information. This is important to the internet users because they do not want to post false information about themselves, or any kind of information that is going to get them in trouble. Another reason why my research is important to them is because another thing I found out in my research is the Government can also change, manipulate, or request information to be taken down if they do not want the public to know about it. I think that this is important to this age because if you are going to be using the internet for information or posting information about yourself then you should have the right to know the full truth of every story, and you might not be able to get that on the internet because of information because manipulated or removed. Click Here
Government surveillance can affect Google users in a negative way if they are not careful about the content that they post. Google users and internet users need to be certain that the information that they post is not only accurate about themselves but appropriate for the public. Government agencies are watching what people are doing as told in this article “Government Surveillance of Google Rising” Click Here which says “Government surveillance of online activity is increasing at a rapid rate, Google said in its Transparency Report, with the U.S. government leading the way by asking for data details 7,969 times in the first half of 2012.” It is important to understand that anything you do on the Internet with Google can be accessed like your email. Sending information about yourself to others through email, pictures, or personal or private information can be looked at. Click Here Also talked about in CNN’s article is that many people do not know that Google stores large amounts of data and personal information about its users for email, Google drive accounts and they also have the IP addresses which shows the location. In conclusion it is important for users to understand what the Government has access to and that all information you post or send is not anything that can get you in trouble or suspected of anything.


The type of surveillance and mass media that I am studying this semester is Government surveillance and Google. Government surveillance has to do with Government agencies watching over the people to keep the peace of the nation, it is similar to parental surveillance and in the classification of surveillance.

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