Mark Olsson

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Internet, I'll be your guide for now as long you're on this page. So basically no time at all. Anyway, my name as you can clearly see, is Mark. I'm currently a student at Georgia Southern University working towards a degree in Geology. I created this page specifically for my Composition II class, section WWW.

About Myself

Well lets start form the beginning, I was born in Tuscon, Arizona on September 20, 1992. I was then adopted by my parents and moved to the small town of Dartmouth, Massachusetts where I lived until the year 2001. At that time, my family moved to another small rural town, this time the town of Swainsboro, Ga. During my years between middle school and high school, I moved around from school to school in the Swainsboro and Savannah, Ga. I finished my last 2 years of high school at Bulloch Academy in Statesboro, Ga and then attended Georgia Southern where I currently am today.


Yes , even thought it might seem like I'm a very dull and boring person form the previous section, I am actually quite the eccentric person when you get to know me. I have my leather bound books and my apartment smells of rich mahogany. Anybody? Anything? Sigh. Anyway, as a student at GSU I many things that I enjoy doing in my free time, including playing Intramural sports and Humans Versus Zombies. Both are very fun for me and provide a better way of socializing with other people at Georgia Southern. I also am a minor contributor on a website one of my best friend founded called The Critical Reception. This website serves as a place where one of my friends known in the blogging universe as Salty The Beast does his movie reviews, where Michael St. Charles does his television reviews, and whatever else we get around to making and publishing to our site. My role is the 2nd player on some of the Co-op games we'll be playing on the website and finding photos for our daily laughs section.

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