Mass Media

This section will list and define the different types of mass media you are working with in your Google+ groups. Please use headings to separate your classification from other groups.

Mass Media
Mass media can be summed up simply as ‘information for all’. It is a term encompassing all forms of public mass communication (not necessarily inclusive of military or business communications). The goal of all varieties of mass media is to communicate to a massive audience some information which it finds interesting, important or valuable. Mass media includes print media such as newspapers, magazines, journals and books, and digital media, such as the Internet, television, radio and online video streaming. All of these are forms of communication designed to reach large audiences. These audiences may be partitioned by demographics, depending on the context and subject matter being presented, but all potential audience blocks represent massive numbers of people. Any time a person watches the news, reads a magazine article or tunes into NPR for a radio broadcast, they are involved in mass media. Many manifestations of mass media develop large followings, such as certain channels on YouTube or a specific news network because they provide specific information or they present it in a way which appeals to their specific audience. Others, such as film companies, endeavor to reach everyone they can and attempt to draw all demographics to their media. This allows them to spread their influence, reach more people and broaden their audience, which again, is the goal of mass media. J. Roberts

Government Propaganda
Government propaganda is a form of mass media that aims to brainwash and manipulate its target audience. Differing from, but closely mimicking other forms of mass media, government propaganda is one of the most common subforms of the propaganda family being distinguishable by its strictly governmental agenda. We can see perfect examples of this split tongue form of mass media around election times. When political platforms run their advertisements casting their political runners in humble and positive light, but then in the same stroke slander their rivals, we see propaganda in its most naturally vile form.
Governmental propaganda specifically is similar to other forms of propaganda because it uses the same methods of communication to achieve its goal of transmitting selective information or disinformation to the masses. However, governmental propaganda is dissimilar in regards to its goals from other propaganda. Mainly aiming to persuade an audience to agree with an ideal or to vote for a certain candidate, governmental propaganda is different from other forms of propaganda.
Propaganda forms such as industry propaganda share the same methods as governmental propaganda but differ in the matter of message. The most commonly recognized industry propaganda campaigns in history was spun from the “Mad Men” era of American life, where tobacco business giants thrived off of their campaigns and slogans. However, this form of propaganda is used to not only convey an attraction to a brand but also used to inform others, in this case specifically, to the effects of taking part in it; and at this moment we see a similarity again between governmental and industry propaganda.
Modern governmental propaganda holds differentiation from industry propaganda in a mental aspect, in other words, many people have been dissuaded from smoking, for example, than people have left their political party as a result of these propaganda forms respectfully.
Modern governmental propaganda holds a two fold outcome, meaning, either a person, as a result of governmental propaganda, is reinforced in their political beliefs or is persuaded from a neutral standpoint to a side, but rarely does one switch sides of an issue due to modern governmental propaganda. This is to say that many people recognize the propaganda of other parties as just that and disregard it while some people who are neutral see the propaganda and believe it. The end point being many modern political/governmental campaigns aim to persuade undecided voters by targeting their opponents weaknesses and highlighting their strengths. However, this situation is not always evident throughout history.
As mentioned in modern governmental propaganda, governmental propaganda throughout history is different from other forms of propaganda in that the message being transmitted is one coming from a figure that is trusted and respected. This affects the believability of the information being fed to the public because the figure is perceived to be unable to lie. A perfect example of this trust is found in Soviet propaganda of the Cold War where people believed what their government told them and took it as fact. This discerns governmental propaganda from most forms of propaganda such as, again, industrial propaganda where the consumers are less likely to believe the host’s word without some form of appeal. In other words, governmental propaganda is different in the fact that the transmission is more credible than other forms of propaganda.
Historically governmental propaganda, in some cases, has been the deciding factor of wars that changed the world. From the Reformation to the October Revolution propaganda has had a decisive role in suading the masses and changing the world. Although, in some cases, governmental propaganda has been used for good, but many of the times not. Used by tyrants and idols alike, governmental propaganda has made a mark on the world.
As mentioned, propaganda mimics other forms of mass media and differs in message being conveyed, but, along with this notion, propaganda still shares some commonalities with its media brethren. The closest relationship between propaganda and any other form of mass media is found in news media. Although, in a perfect world, functionality of the two are similar mechanically but aim to achieve completely opposite goals; on one hand propaganda aims to effectively transmit information and, as we know, so does news media.
In summary, propaganda has played and still does have an important role in life. Historically propaganda has changed the world and still does to this day by convincing consumers to buy or changing the ideals of a nation. Governmental propaganda is no exception, but in fact is the most likely associated with the major shifts throughout history. The difference of war or peace, republican or democrat, equality or segregation has been fought on a battlefield of governmental propaganda. Chris Weis Chas Wilson

Retro Media

The rap hip hop artists can be place under retro-media because it describes the world of entertainment negative lifestyles and fashions that may have or not come back into style. Retro means a fashion or style from the past that may have or not come back into style. Many artists’ music of this time was primarily written with a purpose, to tell a story, but today’s artist just writes music because they can, with the exception of a couple actually written to tell a story about their life experiences. Because of this hip hop artist I see to be classified as retro media. They trend of telling life stories in songs was common in the 1980s, fell off, and now it’s coming back. Kenya L

Scientific-Crime Media

A type of media, usually entertainment based, that features forensic technology as a key way to solve crimes. Most shows are catered to a drama genre to entice a wider audience, specifically shows like Bones, CSI, or NCIS. However, many factual based documentaries also fall into this classification like Cleopatra: Portrait of a Killer or Origin of Us. Scientific- crime media continues to grow in our society due to a new social awareness. Aubrie

Border Security In The Media

Border security is regulated in multiple ways at the edges of the nation. All countries have this being regulated to control and surveil the products being imported and exported across the border. The intensity of the border control needs are reflected in the news and conveyed as a priority. The news through television has exposed many matters to many more people. It is a mass media with one of the largest exposures, and brings information about mostly everything that goes on in the social world and reports informative and fact based information to anyone watching. Geoffrey Wright

The Internet
One of the largest and fast growing mediums of mass media is the Internet and includes users from every continent and culture. The Internet has brought about an age of a rapid evolving forum of mass media, with current news being reported in live time around the world. The Internet consist of a myriad number of domestic, business, academic and government networks; which carry various information unique to their specification in spreading information to the masses. This information is facilitated by various information and services, such as Emails, online cats, Blogs, file transfers, web pages, and social media. Stephen S. Maner

Mass Media General
Mass Media is slowly being taken over by social networks which allow you to express your opinions through written posts, videos, pictures, and pretty much anything you can find on a computer. Because people use there right of freedom of speech and post things that might be offensive to other people it is difficult to determine which stuff can be used against you in a court of law or which material can you be used to make you lose your job such as in cases in Texas where a teacher lost her job because of the pictures that were previously on her Facebook? All the material that is published by you on these social networks can be traced and found on the Internet from the time you post it until forever. Daniel Bernardi

Music Videos
A music video is a commercial videotape that uses special effects to record an elaborate performance of a popular song by the artist and many background dancers. Many music videos today have been said to be very provocative and sexually explicit when it comes to the way they dress, dance and portray certain things. These videos are targeted for a specific audience but have recently become a problem when watched by adolescents. Many authority figures believe that these music videos are to blame for the early sexuality of young adolescents. Music videos are introduced to the world through mass media. Mass Media is a means of communication that can reach a large number of people. The main type of mass media that music videos are viewed on is television however they can also be seen on the internet.

Altered Mass Media
All mass media is altered by the people who present it to us so that we will observe their way of thinking. During the Salem Witch Trials the propaganda shown were images that instilled fear and kept society constantly questioning the real lives of others. With the Red Scare, the Hollywood Blacklist continued to grow because of empty accusations and fear that the United States would turn into a communist country.

Social Networks
A social structure that connects audiences through the use of transferring information through a medium of technologies to educate, entertain, and influence its viewers. Certain websites, such as Facebook and Twitter, allow you to express certain ideas and opinions while also permitting communication with other users by sharing pictures, videos, and comments. Other forms of social networks include online gaming, where different people come together to communicate and work as a team, as well as mobile phones, where users can simply communicate with groups of friends and family while sharing pictures, videos, and audio recordings. David Thompson Murf Brown, Osy Egbuziem, Wesley Guy, & Dedrick Harvey

Internet Advertising
I classify the term “Internet Advertising” as any form of advertising that appears on the internet based on the users’ past searches, personal information, or interests. This includes video ads, banner ads, pop-ups, e-mail advertisements, and many other forms. Erick Kennedy

YouTube is a social media site that can be classified as media sharing which is a service that allows you to upload and share media such as pictures and videos. It is classified as a social media website because it has over 1 billion users each month, you are able to communicate, share information, ideas, and personal messages with others. YouTube is a video-sharing website, which allows you to do just that, share videos with the public. Videos can be about anything you want them to be. Some examples of videos are music videos, comedians, clips from movies, movie trailers, and tutorials on how to do different things.There are some features that allow you to create a profile, a playlist, and make comments. You may also upload your own or watch other users videos, which allows you can share, and like those videos. People can search topics of videos that they want to see and then they will appear. When you make a profile, you also create a username that people can search and when they search it they can see your videos.

YouTube is free to join and post. Sometimes there are advertisements/commercials before a video that you are trying to watch. There are also advertisements on the side of video screen as well. Users get paid when people watch their videos or click on their pages by the advertisers because people are viewing their ads. When you watch some videos, YouTube will have recommended videos on the main page for you to watch as well. A user who post a video can chose whether or not to allow comments to be made on the video or not. After you watch a video, related videos will automatically show up on that video screen and in the sidebar as well. Under a video, the number of times that a video has been watched is displayed. If you like someone’s videos you can “subscribe” to them meaning that you will be notified when they post another video. You can see the people that others are subscribed to on their profiles. Michaela, Sarah White, & Kenya Balince

Video Games
Videogames are a type of mass media that are played by inserting a cartridge or disc into a device designed to play it, such as a computer, and are a form of entertainment designed to occupy individuals or groups through either realistic acting sequences or comedic/educational scenarios. However, video games have also been used as a form of political propaganda (eg, PETA), religious propaganda (eg, Atheists that made Bible Wars), or as an escape for those unsatisfied with their lives, seeking more exciting ways to either make money or socially expand upon themselves(eg, SecondLife). Ethan Ready

Twitter is an online social networking service and micro-blogging service that allows its users to send and read text-based messages of up to 140 characters, identified as "tweets”. Tweets are status made by individual twitter users. With twitter, a user can post pictures through tweets, and can also retweet and favorite other tweets. Retweeting is the process of literally retweeting another’s tweet. The twitter icon is a bird, which correlates to tweets because birds supposedly tweet. On twitter, you have followers and people you follow.Your following number can differ from your follower number because people are not required to follow you. Osy Egbuziem, Birdsong, Jessica Skender, Adrian London, Damien Henderson, & Gabriella Jackson

Under my topic, the Illuminati theory is carried out through mass media. Mass media is used a lot in social networks, mass media is defined as diversified media technologies that are intended to reach a large audience. For example, Twitter and Tv shows and news broadcasts. Mass media is a tool used to spread the thoughts, questions, and answers developed under my topic. Twitter and other social networks have their own accounts relating to the Illuminati and can be used as a great source to link ties between the Illuminati and it's followers. BRITT MCGAHEY

Reality Television
Reality television is television that is based on real people’s everyday lives. Unlike sitcoms, reality television shows real people’s lives as they are happening. The actors on reality shows are not playing other characters, but are being themselves and doing things that they do in their own everyday lives. Reality television shows are not scripted and are typically used to demonstrate one's everyday behaviors. Reality television shows show real life situations and how the people whom are in them react.Therefore we will classify the surveillance in the reality television show 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom. First i will help you to understand the difference between a reality television show and a sitcom television show. Therefore in a reality television show it shows the life of individuals and how they tend to embarrass themselves as they open up their private life for the public to see, where as they turn themselves into characters for entertainment purposes for the audience.
However a sitcom television show is when an author takes the time to make up characters and put them into funny situations based upon how they choose to entertain people. With that being said they are both kind of the same in one way and that is because they both are used to create necessary drama to attract an audience.16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom surveillance the lives of four teen moms and how there life will be before and after giving birth. however it tends to go downhill after the teen moms gets older because they're so caught up in the fame that the show has created for them, they forgot the purpose of the examples that they were suppose to be setting and in my opinion thats when they start looking shameless by getting locked up, caught with drugs, condoning unprotected sex, and domestic violence to their significant other because of anger that is build up from jealousy.

Social Media
Social media is the medium, or means of communication, in which people interact in order to make connections with other people. On social media sites people create and share information, pictures, events, ideas, and communicate with each other on an electronic network. Some examples of social media sites are: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and Google+. Jeremy Webster, Damien Henderson

Television plays a major role in making up our society's definition of mass media. We turn to television for a variety of reasons. It may be used to find the current weather, local and national news, the latest on the stock market, armed and dangerous criminals, sports news, and general entertainment. But the main form of television I will be focusing on will be commercials and the introduction of new products. More specifically the effects that misrepresented products can have on our society. Affects including poor self image, mislead eating habits, and a product's misleading effects as portrayed by a corporation through commercials to a consumer. David Richardson

Broadcast Television
Media distributed through audio and video content to a dispersed audience via visual mass communications medium. Originally it was designed to broadcast advertisements and propaganda but was later turned into an outlet for entertainment and imagination.

Facebook has been out for many years now, and there are over a billion users that were counted for in December of 2012 and 680 million users use Facebook mobile monthly. It has an enormous audience. Facebook is a social networking site that allows people to create profiles that include information about themselves.There are several other similar social networking sites that could be confused with Facebook but Facebook has a variety of options that the other social networking sites such as, Twitter and Instagram, doesn’t have. Users post things onto Facebook and those items appear on their profile as well as a newsfeed for all of their friends to see. The friends of the people on Facebook have the ability to “like” or comment on whatever you post, and you can respond to them. The newsfeed is different for each person depending on who they are friends with, and can be modified to include or hide posts from certain friends. The newsfeed is compiled of all of the things that the people that you are friends with post that day, and can be organized by the ‘most recent’ stories or the ‘most popular stories, depending on your settings. Examples of things that appear on newsfeeds include status updates, pictures, who has become friends with whom, relationship updates, pictures of articles that have been shared or and who has gotten tagged in a picture. Status updates are things that you type into the status box or pictures/links/videos that someone wants to share. Tagging someone in a picture means you can tag their face by clicking on it and selecting their name and then it shows up on their profile under tagged pictures. Sharing a picture or an article is when someone posts something you can to share then you click share and it shows up on your profile and also on the newsfeeds of people that you are friends with. The people that one can share their information with are called their “friends.” People can become friends by searching the name of their friend in the search bar that is at the top of the newsfeed and clicking to request to become friends with that person. Once you request to become friends with that person, they will get a notification saying you want to be their friend and they can either accept or deny your friend request.

Users receive notifications for a number of different reasons. This includes: friend requests, users liking/commenting on their posts or pictures, when someone tags you in a picture or post, or when someone writes on your wall, or profile. There is also a way to send private messages between just you and a friend and you can message someone by going to their page and selecting message and then you will get a notification when they respond to your message. You can also be a part of “groups” on Facebook that can just be people that you are friends with or not friends with that has a common interest and the group is a profile that you can share things on with just the members of, groups can be public for all of Facebook or Private for just those in it. There are pages that you can “like.” For example, someone can “like” a celebrity profile and whenever that celebrity posts something on their page, it will show up on your newsfeed. The things that you “like” show up in the interests section of the “About You” area of your profile, and you can also just type things about yourself there. Profile information can also include where you live, who you are dating, where you attend or have attended school, what gender you are interested in, and what your religious and political beliefs are. People can also check into places they are at by selecting their current location, and then it will show up on their profiles. Facebook is free to join and post things. Ginger Bondurant Sarah White

The mass media I am using is Google search engine. Although there are many search engines out there, such as Yahoo or Bing, Google is the one I am most familiar with and was named the most popular search engine by eBiz. Google is a search engine used all over the world and it’s as simple as typing a few key words about a subject into the search bar and it then leads you to thousands of websites to help you answer your search. Millions and millions of people use Google every single day of the year to look up any topic that might come to one’s mind; people use Google to explore for many different things such as: catching up national or worldwide news, to find simple day to day facts, to look up sports statistics, to see pictures of anything, to conduct research of any kind and on any subject, to find answers to any questions someone might have, and so many other things one person couldn't even begin to name them all. In addition to conducting a search, any single person has access to posting anything they could possibly want to put on the Internet; therefore it is possible for someone conducting a search on Google to come across anyone’s information they put, even if it is not the most reliable source. Since Google gives people a way to hunt and endless number of topics, some deranged and disturbed people can search any creepy or dangerous topic they want. This is why the government goes through and monitors what people are searching for, in the scary event that these deranged and disturbed people are searching Google to help themselves harm someone, the government can intervene, investigate the person, and put a stop to anything this scary person might have planned. Aside from finding out why, how, and what exactly the government is looking for, my research will also include examples of these people’s frightening Google searches and what exactly the government does about these situations. Meredith Whitehurst

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