Secret Service Analysis

“Secrets Of The Secret Service [HD].”

The video “Secrets of the Secret Service” was uploaded by GOAF2014. The person who posted this video seems to be credible based upon the other videos posted. They have a lot of information about the government and different military aircrafts. Based upon other videos, it seems as if they want to inform the world about the military and the government as to what it is about and things that go on behind the scenes. This video is definitely a video to inform the public about the Secret Service and how they do more than just be the president’s shadow.

This video is directed at anyone who is interested in what the Secret Service is or does. Although the video is really long, it does a really good job explaining the task of the Secret Service mainly within the first 4 minutes. Between 4:00 and 5:52 it talks about what the presidential car is made out of and how well it protects the president. It also talks about how the windows in the cars of billionaires and celebrities are made out of the same material. The thing about the video that I like is it is factual and straightforward. This source is very useful because it will give me a better understanding of what the different tasks of the Secret Service are and how important their job is, not only to the president and the first family, but to the country.

Note: This video contains content from Discovery International, who has blocked it on copyright grounds.

“Secret Service Jobs.”

Secret Service Jobs” is a website created by GoLawEnforcement. This website is very credible because it was created by a company ran by the government. The purpose of this website is to describe what the Secret Service really is and to state the requirements and qualifications needed in order to be an agent. To even be considered, you must be an U.S. citizen between the ages of 21 and 37 by the time you have your appointment, and have a valid driver’s license. In addition to this, you must have at the very least, uncorrected vision no worse than 20/60. Your vision must also be able to be corrected to 20/20. If you do not meet these requirements, they will not even look at you.

There are also different levels such as GL-7 and GL-9. These levels represent the different types of pay you can receive versus just being a regular agent. To qualify for the GL-7 you must have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university with superior academic achievement, be a member of a national scholastic honor society that meets the requirements of the Association of College Honor Societies and also be in the upper third of your graduating class, and many more requirements. To qualify for the GL-9 level, you must have a master’s or equivalent graduate degree (such as LL.B. or J.D.) from an accredited college or university. There is also an alternative for the GL-9 level. You must have a least one year of specialized experience to the GL-7 level, in or directly related to line of work of the position you are pursuing. The specialized experience that they require you must have is very specific.

Besides the president and the first family, the Secret Service has to protect the vice president, and others who will succeed them. The major presidential and vice presidential candidates also have these privileges. It also provides information on what they investigate, such as financial crimes, computer-based attacks on the nation’s financial, banking and telecommunications infrastructure. Usually movies portray Secret Service agents to always be in a suit and tie, and constantly following the president’s every move; pretty much being his shadow. The movies also portray the work, or the “missions” as they are mostly referred to, that the Secret Service agents does to be glamorous, such as always dressing up in the nice suits and tuxedos, the fast cars, and the cool gadgets they get to carry around. This website is helpful because it gives me a clear description of what all it takes to be a Secret Service agent and what it is exactly that the Secret Service does opposed to what movies portrays the Secret Service to be. This website is appropriate for anyone who is interested in becoming an agent and urgent for the government because of the need for agents. The website is also relevant to my research because it is very credible and gives an overview of the Secret Service.

Inside the White House Secret Service's Training

Inside the White House Secret Service’s Training” is a video published by the well-known news source CBS. In the beginning of this video, the news anchorman talks about the starting pay and that the Secret Service provides the clothes you’re required to wear. He also relays a warning from the employer stating, “the job is physically demanding and requires working long hours in undesirable conditions.”
This is an informational video of the Secret Service, which also includes an interview by a current agent. It also discusses the uniformed division of the Secret Service that is in charge of making sure the White House is secured. They are not just limited to the White House. It also discusses how they have jurisdiction for all of DC and the federal offenses as well. Sergeant Scott Seras is an instructor at the Secret Service training center in D.C. He states that one of the main purposes of the training center is constantly to make the agents do repetitions over and over so they will be able to react instead of hesitate or think. Hesitating or thinking, as to what to do next, while in the field can mean life or death for you, the person you are protecting, and your comrades. The instructors want the things the agents learn to be second nature to them.

Tim Conally is one of the agents I talked about earlier who were interviewed by CBS. He talks about his different experiences and the transition from the Marines, where you have to locate and eliminate the enemy, and the Secret Service, when you are protecting the citizens from harm; whether it is self-inflicted or done by someone else. He also talks about how you have to constantly stay on top of things. Conally states, “You have no time to have first day jitters because that could be the day something bad happens.” This video is important because it gives an inside scoop on how the Secret Service agents train and what they have to go through; which is what I need for my research.

Secret Service Agent Training

Secret Service Agent Training” is a video posted by National Geographic, which is a very credible source. The purpose of this video is to get the inside scoop about the training techniques of Secret Service agents. In the training video, the scenario the agents are given is to get a protectee out of a venue under attack. The agents must find him and get him to safety. The agents must work together at all times to protect the protectee, most importantly, and to make quick and efficient moves.

The agents on protection assignments return to the training course several times a year to re-qualify on key skills. One of the things that is very important to the Secret Service, stated by Mark Sullivan, the director of the Secret Service is, “making sure that we keep our people up to date in the training and the equipment and it just doesn’t stop.” Secret Service agents must be proficient in everything from firearms to high speed driving. At the training center, there is an area designated just for practicing evacuation techniques while driving and how to get away when being chased. The most important rule when being chased is to keep moving. One scenario out of the many different driving techniques taught at this course is the J-turn. The J-turn consists of going in reverse and accelerates at over 40 mph. The driver then cuts the wheel and shifts quickly into drive. This allows the car to turn around in less than two car lengths. This is very important if you are interested in learning about how the Secret Service trains and how strenuous it is. This video is factual and is very straightforward. I am using this video because it gives me more information on how Secret Service agents train and how strenuous their tasks really are.

Secret Service Agents Caught in Prostitution Scandal During President Obama’s Visit to Colombia

The video, “Secret Service Agents Caught in Prostitution Scandal During President Obama’s Visit to Colombia,” is a news casting posted on YouTube by ABC News, who covers the story. This news casting covers the story about the scandal by a few Secret Service agents and some military personnel who were soliciting prostitutes in Colombia while they were on the job. Not only were they soliciting prostitutes, but they were drinking excess amounts of alcohol. When this news reached back to the President, the team of agents was relieved of their duties and replaced with another team. Some may think that “everyone is making a big deal for no reason” or “it’s not that important,” but in actuality it is. The agents were sent to Columbia a couple days before President Obama to make sure the venue the president was going to be speaking and making his appearance at was secure prior to his arrival.

If the venue was not secure like it is supposed to be, anything could happen. They could have another scenario such as the “White House party crashers” back in 2009, when the Salahi’s crashed the dinner party when they were not invited guests. Or to another extreme, people who wish to do harm to President Obama and the other government officials who were present at the time, could possibly gain access. Although this video is helpful by showing some of the perceptions the public may have when it comes to the Secret Service, going by this incident alone, it does not really answer my research question.

So What

My paper would benefit anyone who does not understand why the Secret Service is important. I want my research to broaden the minds of those who have bias opinions of the Secret Service. I want to show my audience the comparison between the movies they have seen about secret agents, such as Spy Kids and James Bond, are not completely true. Secret agents are more than just the suits, sunglasses and the glamor portrayed in movies. I want to show them through my research how important the Secret Service is to this country.

In the movie trailer, Olympus Has Fallen , when there was complete chaos and the White House was taken over, it was due to lack of screening those who gained access into the White House. In the process of the White House being taken over, the President was also taken hostage. Had the Secret Service done their job in doing background checks and screening everyone who were to enter the White House, this catastrophe could have been prevented. There should have also been more security around the outside of the White House to prevent planes from flying over the White House and also more secret agents surveying the premise to prevent assailants from opening fire.

Situations like these represent lack of security and could be possibly due to lack of experienced Secret Service agents. Although we may not see or hear that much about Secret Service agents all the time and even if the few times we do hear about them it is negative, they are still very important assets to this country. Not only do they protect the president, first family, and other important dignitaries, but they protect the citizens of America as well.

Olympus Has Fallen - Official Trailer (HD)

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