Stalking and your Favorite Artist

Research Question


How would you feel if you were constantly under watch all the time? Even the thought of being watched 24-7 sends a chill down my spine. No one wants to be followed all the time. It is actually a crime that is often looked over called stalking. When you are being constantly followed to the point where it invades personal privacy is a problem, and even worse when it is stated in that manner, it sounds like a real threat. Well, how does this correspond with a celebrity? It is odd to be chased down all the time when it is you in the position, but when it is someone famous, it is okay to follow everything that they do? There is no possible way any human being can withstand being under constant surveillance without it having some type of effect on the individual. This led me to my research question: What effect does being under constant spotlight have on an artist?
According to Foucault, if you think you are being watched, you will do what you believe the person watching you wants you to do. It is only natural for you to act a certain way if you know there is a camera watching you without even having to know that someone is actually watching you. You can only imagine what kind of stress this would put a person under. Some artists, such as Brittney Spears and Lindsey Lohan, have been reported of “breaking down” because of the pressures of being a celebrity. Just because celebrities have adapted to act while in front of a camera, this does not mean that they are not affected mentally by the hardships of their career. Of course the constant surveillance is taking a toll on them, which leads me to this conclusion: When celebrities act as a normal human would under normal circumstances, as in lashing out at a camera man or going on a rant on twitter about how a certain topic moves them in the wrong way, they should not be deemed as nothing more than a human being making a mistake. They should not be crucified for saying the F word because YOU are not used to hearing them say the F word.

So What

This topic is extremely important to the psychological community in the sense that not only has an individual not fully covered this topic, but also how undermined this subject is. Why is it socially acceptable for you to be able to follow around a complete stranger that you know nothing about just because you like the music they create, but it is illegal to do so with someone like your classmate? Also, what exactly is it like to be under constant watch all the time? Of course artists have "numbed" themselves to the fact that they are under constant watch, and they show that it does little to nothing to their image. No matter what you do, you are constantly put under a microscope. What does this do to a person? How does this affect a celebrity? What effect does “legal stalking” have on a person’s mind? This is why my topic is so important. To follow an artist is one thing, things such as listening to their songs and attending a concert of theirs, very brief interactions. But it turns to stalking when you are completely obsessed with the artist, things such as following them on twitter just to see what they have to say next or reading every magazine article possible on them just to know everything about them. My target audience is anyone with a social media page and a favorite artist that they love to get information on. No matter how old or how young you are, being a stalker is not okay under any circumstance. Even if this problem does not change immediately, there should at least be a little more awareness on the topic.

Primary Materials Analysis


My primary sources relate to my topic in many different ways, but my main primary sources are three celebrities: Beyoncé, Justin Beiber, and Rihanna. Because “Queen B” is so popular to the point where even someone who has never listened to music before recognizes her, it only seems natural to talk about her first. First off, Beyoncé definitely does not use twitter. Instead, she has her own website called There, you will find the link to her tumblr, her charity service, and various other things that she is either working on or has already worked on. Anything that has to do with Beyoncé is on this website. For instance, there is a link on the page called tumblr. From this link, you can access the site where she has three links titled My Life, My Work, and the Vault. From these three links, you can access the sites where Beyoncé uploads photos, videos, notes, and anything else she feels like uploading at the time on a daily basis. It provides a “quick fix” of Beyoncé to the true fan every single day. On Rihanna’s website,, the site provides daily posts for updates on different things happening in her career and daily life. For example, on the website there is a link to the photo gallery called Here, a quote on the website literally says, “Your best source for all Rihanna pictures from the beginning of her career until now. This is the oldest and biggest photo gallery of this amazing singer and you’ll probably find here everything you’ve been looking for appearances, paparazzi pics, photo shoots, magazine scans, and video captures. Wherever there’s a new picture of miss RiRi you’ll find it here!” With this type of access to “anything RiRi”, you can definitely do all the stalking you want on this hot artist. With Justin Beiber’s website,, a site “Created for Beliebers by Beliebers”, is a perfect example of how far a person will go for one person, to the point to where it would have seemed weird if it were a regular person. Yes, this is the true form of stalking, to the fullest extent of the word. On the website, you get a daily dose of updates of anything concerning Justin Bieber, from talks of Justin Bieber and a new 3D movie to his tour bus getting searched and the police finding a stun gun and marijuana upon the bus. With links titled Bio, Awards, Tour Dates, Videos, Archives, Albums, Charity, Forums, and photos, this site is littered with Justin Beiber. But what makes this even weirder, this is a fan-built page. So initially, this person or group of people are stalking Justin Beiber so much, that they have literally made it their job to provide information for this one person every day.
From all three celebrities, each one shows a different image. It raises the question “Is this truly the person or the image that they want me to see?” Beyoncé’s website relates to my topic because I can literally find anything I wanted to on this website, if I was really that interested in her. Also, the difference between the different celebrities and how they portray themselves in the media is also very relevant to my topic. While Beyoncé steers clear of any type of negative activities that would paint her in a negative image, Rihanna and Justin Beiber embrace the negative attention. Because of the way they paint themselves, you can definitely here the difference in their music. How does this image change directly affect the musician’s life? Is this the artist, or the true person behind the artst?
My second primary material or materials are music magazines, such as Rolling Stone and The Fader. In these magazines, you can find anything you want on any artist, from tour dates to releases of a new album. It is not specific to one artist or any group of artists. If you want to know about it, they have the information. And with the integration of the internet, now you can simply type these websites in and get the answers you are looking for instead of waiting for the next issue of information to come out. I could definitely see myself coming home every day and learning a little bit more about a particular artist that I’m interested in. For instance, you could find an article covering Taylor Swift in both of these magazines if you search Taylor Swift, Interview, and one of the magazines that I listed before. From these interviews, you could find out something new you hadn’t known before. This one relates to my topic because it is very possible to receive every bit of knowledge you could possibly want about any musical talent if you wanted to with the help of these magazines and their websites.
My third primary source would be using documentaries. Documentaries have been a huge staple in the American society, being able to know every little piece of information about whatever the documentary is concerning in a matter of a few hours, from interviews to live performances to where the persons hometown is. Documentaries cover a huge amount of information in a short amount of time. My particular primary material is Beyoncé’s documentary titled “life is but a dream”. In this, it covers her whole career up to the point where Blue Ivy Carter, her first born daughter, is born. This is significant to my topic because I found out every bit of information, even the stuff I didn’t even really need to know, that I needed to know about her in a matter of hours from watching this documentary.

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