Student Work

Topics Focused on Surveillance

Employer Surveillance

Employers and Social Media by Dedrick Harvey

Government Surveillance

Government Surveillance Through Private Invasions by David Thompson
Soviet Propaganda and Mass Media by Chris Weis
Border Patrol by Geoffrey Wright
Surveillance of Rap Artists and the War on Drugs by LaKenya Lee
Secret Service by Michaela Camp
Government Censorship by Marques Rowe
The Government and Google by Meredith Whitehurst
The "Man" is Watching by Adrian London
Government Surveillance on Social Media by Damien Henderson
Government Surveillance on Cell Phones by Nick Shyer
Center for Disease Control and Protective Surveillance by Michelle Raftis
Government Surveillance in the U.S. by Charles Wilson
Government Surveillance on Social Media by Damien Henderson

Celebrity Surveillance

Surveillance of "Bad Boy" Athletes by Tyler Fairfax
Surveillance Within Sports by Macorvan McFarlin
Watching Athletes Through Twitter by Dejon Britton-Birdsong
Stalking and Your Favorite Artist by Brian Sawyer
Celebrity Watching by Osondu Egbuziem
Illuminati by Britt McGahey
Music Videos and Early Adolescent Sexuality by Akeylah Delacoudray

Internet Surveillance

Internet Advertisements by Erick Kennedy
Surveillance of Cyber Crime by Stephen Maner

Topics Focused on Mass Media

Television and Movies

The Hunger Games by Stephanie Stanley
Facial Reconstruction by Aubrie Harris
Toddlers and Tiaras by Megan Donat
Persons Unknown by Sage Ellison
Surveillance and Behavior in Eagle Eye by Brianna Jarvis
Wall Street and Insider Trading by Kehnide Adetayo
Eagle Eye Surveillance by Brandon Yeager
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and Surveillance by Darby Galler
Pretty Little Liars by Haley Burke
Reality Television Keashia Washington
Horror Movie "Saw" and Surveillance by Felicia Elam
Disturbia Watching You by Kelsey Lee
Who's Watching You (Pretty Little Liars) by Kaitlin Lynch
Television's Touch by David Richardson

Social Media


Surveillance Through Hashtags by Jessica Skender
Tweetwatching Gone Bad by Wesley Guy
Surveillance Through Twitter by Caleb Simmons
Twitter as an Aid to Law Enforcement by Gabriella Jackson


Police Surveillance of YouTube by Kenya Reid Balince

Video Games

Tactical Surveillance: How it Relates to Gaming by Ethan Ready


The Law on Facebook by Murphy Brown

Topics Focused on Outcomes


Mass Media and Hysteria by Joseph Roberts
Salem Witch Trials and The Red Scare by Bethany Soph

Social Media

Teen Criminals on YouTube and Facebook by Sarah White
Caught Through Facebook by Daniel Bernardi
Surveillance is Not Always a Good Thing by Ginger Bondurant
Google Glass and a New Surveillance Society by Jeremy Webster
Employers on Social Media by Dedrick Harvey

Google and Surveillance

Google Glass and a New Surveillance Society by Jeremy Webster
Google's Transparency Report by Jordan Reed

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