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Surveillance Films
The mass media type is films/movies that portray various types of surveillance, usually under the genre of suspense, action, drama, or even horror. Different types of genres have different effects on the viewers mood. The films have characters that are using surveillance to help protect themselves or reveal another.

Below are a few examples of movies in different genres of film.

The movie Disturbia is classified as a Thriller. This genre of film uses suspense, tension and excitement as the main elements. Thrillers heavily stimulate the viewer's moods giving them a high level of anticipation, heightened expectation, uncertainty, surprise, anxiety or terror. Thriller films tend to be adrenaline-rushing, gritty, rousing and fast-paced. Compared to a horror film it is much easier on the viewer to watch and the thriller does not play on the audiences greatest fears. Horror is a film genre seeking to elicit a negative emotional reaction from viewers by playing on the audience's primal fears. Horror films often feature scenes that startle the viewer; the morbid and the supernatural are frequent themes.

The movie Eagle Eye is an example of how being under surveillance can affect behaviors/emotions. This film falls under the Thriller genre. This movie is about two strangers who are being forced by a woman’s voice over the phone to endure in dangerous situations all while being under surveillance through different mediums; cameras, satellites, etc. Since Eagle Eye is a fictional movie I will be focusing on this effect as a portrayal.

In the drama movies Wall Street, and Wall Street II: Money Never Sleeps, surveillance is used as an advantage towards the very competitive business of trading stock.Wall Street is about an eager young stockbroker named Bud Fox who takes wing under the villain Gordon Gekko to look for illegal information to make a profit. Wall Street II also involves a young stockbroker who has his life ruined by the CEO of a competing firm. In both movies surveillance is used to get information on the competition by watching every move they made. Illegally obtaining information to make a profit is also defined as insider trading.. Darby Galler Brandon Yeager & Brianna Jarvis Kelsey Lee

Self-Policing Surveillance
Self-policing is a type of surveillance in which individual people monitor themselves and their behavior because they believe that they are being surveyed at all times. It is usually done through technology like surveillance cameras or other recording devices they might think are present. It makes people more aware of what they do and on their best behavior without anyone else really having to do anything. Sage & Jeremy Webster

Narcotic Surveillance
Drugs have become an integral part of the rap hip hop lifestyle, particularly since the 1980s, which has prompted government actions on the war on drugs, and the use of narcotic surveillance. Narcotics are also known as opioids, are addictive drugs that reduce pain, alter mood and behavior, and usually induce sleep or stupor. Natural and synthetic narcotics are used in medicine to control pain. Common examples of this are heroin and morphine. When used in a legal context in the U.S., a narcotic drug is simply one that is totally prohibited, or one that is used in violation of strict governmental regulation, such as heroin or morphine. So, narcotic surveillance is surveillance over any drug that is prohibited by law such as codeine, oxycodone, and opium. Narcotic surveillance was implemented to reduce, control, and deter people for misuse and the distributing of drugs. As well as, help the government to track hardcore drugs such as marijuana, heroin and cocaine which is particularly common amongst hip hop rap artists where the drugs war was first targeted. Kenya L

Government Surveillance

The type of classification being studied this semester will be surveillance conducted by the government on the people it governs. Government surveillance is the government watching something or someone closely. The type of government I’ll be focusing on this semester is federal government. I will also be focusing on the government agencies in the books I read and agencies such as the FBI and NSA. The type of mass media this surveillance will be studied in will be fiction novels. It will have a focus on The Hunger Games trilogy. Another form of media being used will be the government in the hunger games trilogy providing news for the people through the TV’s. Government Surveillance is when a nations federal, state, and local government collaborate to observe, take note, and report different findings. These can range from searching for and locating criminals, to discreetly invading people's personal electronic devices in hopes of uncovering future plots. Forms of carrying out these tasks include tapping in to phone lines, hacking webcams, use of satellite imaging, thermal scanning, "Bird's Eye" view from drones, and surveillance through disguise personnel. This research is important to the extremely large audience of United States citizens. The ability and actions of the U.S. Government through surveillance should be a concern to every person. Although not everyone is being constantly monitored, it is possible in ways we can not imagine to have our privacy rights violated. With the constant use of the internet and mobile phones in today's society, it is only easier for us to be tracked, viewed, and heard by government agencies, even if we are innocent of committing a crime. There are also positives to government surveillance, and I believe they deserve and equal amount of attention in this research. The government's role in preventing terroristic and violent threats in the United States is one that I believe is of extreme value. The government's ability to surveille on a large scale allows them to be a highly effective task force. The safety and preservation of the people and community of the United States as a whole may be the most important reason for surveillance done by the government here in American and elsewhere. Chas Wilson, David Thompson Stephanie Stanley

Surveillance of the Internet
Surveillance of the internet is the act of monitoring internet traffic, Emails, search engines, websites, social networks etc… This act has become increasing widespread with new threats towards security such as cyber crimes. Internet surveillance can be used to identify terrorist and criminals, and has been aid in the U.S. by the Communications Assistance for Law Act. There are both supporters and critics of Internet surveillance ranging to the need of increased internet protection but many adversaries believe that an increase in Internet surveillance will arise privacy concerns and loss of internet freedoms. Stephen S. Maner

Forensic Surveillance

Forensic Surveillance is specifically used to find minute particulates, which are used as evidence. In modern times, forensic surveillance is sometimes used as key evidence in court cases. Forensic anthropology, a type of forensic surveillance, analyzes minute details, in this case particulates in related to human remains. Facial Reconstruction is classified under forensic anthropology, the study of humans. Forensic anthropology is most often applied for victims of crime whose bodies are in advanced stages of decomposition. Aubrie

Border Security Classification

Border security is regulated in multiple ways at the edges of the nation. All countries have this being regulated to control and surveil the products being imported and exported across the border. The intensity of the border control needs are reflected in the news and conveyed as a priority. The news through television has exposed many matters to many more people. It is a mass media with one of the largest exposures, and brings information about mostly everything that goes on in the social world and reports informative and fact based information to anyone watching. Geoffrey Wright

Secret Service Surveillance
The Secret Service was originally formed to prevent people from counterfeiting money and making sure it does not circulate. Another one of the tasks of the Secret Service includes protecting the heads of state, presidential candidates who made it to the final round, especially when President Obama was campaigning, and dignitaries from other countries. When the president is travelling, outside and within the country, the Secret Service sends a team of agents to go ahead a couple days before the president, to wherever he is travelling, to make sure the area has the maximum amount of security. When the president and the first family make appearances in places such as parades or are just taking a casual walk in the park, they are constantly watched and followed by Secret Service agents within close proximity. You can usually spot Secret Service agents by the suits and sunglasses they wear. Others are plainclothes agents who are on the lookout for possible suspects. Michaela

Censorship Surveillance
In the United States we have television censorship meaning that shows on television are surveilled by officials before being aired on television to insure that anything that could be deemed objectionable on moral, political, military or any other grounds are suppressed. Besides the surveillance used to examine television programs before they are placed on air; parents can also censor what their children watch on television. This being said if these videos are so provocative and sexually explicit then why are they allowed to be aired on television regularly and why do you allow your children to watch them? Akeylah

FBI Surveillance
With surveillance being defined as the monitoring of the behavior, actions, or a particular activity, FBI surveillance is the Federal Bureau of Investigation performing these actions. This being different than normal surveillance because of the depth the FBI takes with their surveillance and the huge role they play in our lives. FBI Surveillance is done by the government as a type of censorship for our society thus giving us an altered view of media we receive. Bethany Soph

Watching Surveillance
Anyone who has seen any type of reality television show, you have witnessed video surveillance. Unlike other types of surveillance, the watching is being done through a video recording device. Once a recording of someone or something has been done, the person doing the recording may publish the recording, or keep it for themselves. Video surveillance may be done for multiple purposes such as to entertain or to inform. Megan Donat

Internet Surveillance
In my research of observing some of the effects of tweet watching in relationships on Twitter, I want to discuss surveillance, which is the act of paying attention to one's behaviors and actions for order and security- such as data mining, profiling, satellite imagery, etc. - while trying to gain knowledge on a specific individual or group, and taking the broad topic and narrow that topic to a more specific type of surveillance. In the area of surveillance, I want to specifically focus on computer surveillance. Computer surveillance is a different type of surveillance, defined above, which involves the activity of monitoring data and activities that have been performed and stored onto one's computer. And to even further narrow my topic, when it comes to surveillance, I would like to focus on something called "tweet watching", which consist of a user constantly watching someone's tweets on Twitter, and making assumptions of what was being posted, almost like stalking someone, but just on the internet. There is a group for this definition. Wesley receives credit when his group's post is added with his contribution. This definition should be replaced by the one from the Internet surveillance group.

Protective Surveillance
Protective surveillance is surveillance conducted by anyone who's purpose is to protect other people and ensure overall safety. Meredith Whitehurst Michelle Raftis Kenya Reid-Balince

sports surveillance
sports surveillance is anyone that watches, looks, or analyzes sports with their own desire. sports surveillance can be a lucid as watching your favorite athlete on television, looking at what they tweet, and or analyzing game stats. With that being said, sports surveillance can be done through the computer, television, and directly.These are some of the elements that branch sports surveillance into several different dimensions. Which allows you to view your favorite athlete, sports team, and organization in a diverse manner. Birdsong, Macorvan, & Tyler Fairfax

Exploratory Surveillance
The use of surveillance to learn information about someone that can then be used against them. This can take the form of many different types of surveillance, but for the purposes of my research, it refers to the use of the internet to find out personal information about a specific person for the purpose of using that information for a specific purpose. Erick Kennedy

Tactical Surveillance
Tactical surveillance is the study of individuals or a group through use of equipment or advanced training not typically available to the general public, including the use of special sensors, hidden cameras, night vision or thermal gear, or recon training. Tactical surveillance is typically used in situations where the watching party cannot risk being spotted by the watched, whether it is because the watched party is dangerous to others, or because revealing the watching party is potentially hazardous to either the public, or the watching party itself. Ethan Ready

Monitoring Surveillance
monitoring surveillance, which is surveillance in which one is monitoring another in order to find something new or interesting about the significant other. Osy Egbuziem

Illuminati Surveillance
The type of surveillance that cover my topic would be observation through social networks. This surveillance would cover the interest society has on famous people and their influence on certain issues such as the Illuminati theory. This type of surveillance is carried out among the social networks and entertainment figures. BRITT MCGAHEY

Computer and Television Surveillance
The type of surveillance I will specifically focus on is computer and television surveillance for marketing purposes. This could include online surveys, customer surveys, the use of online cookies, the spying of browser history, and other various data collecting sources. These tactics are usually carried out by producers trying to find out more on their consumers. Government agencies may also take part in these forms of surveillance for law enforcement or to discover various facts about our society. David Richardson

Stalking Surveillance
A surveillance in which those surveilling are observing others who are constantly being stalked and typically acted out by people wanting/needing information about another person. Stalking is defined as perusing or observing a person who doesn’t want the attention. This may be someone who is or isn’t aware they are being watched for a specific positive or negative purpose. It is more of an obsession that leads to constant harassment rather than an innocent surveillance- whether it be physically, mentally, emotionally, or even technically. Typically when someone thinks of a stalker it is said with more of a negative connotation. Some examples of stalking would be a killer watching his victim before killing him or a sexual predator looking for his next victim.

This is different from following; however. The definition of following is a body of supporters or admirers. It is completely fine to follow a person that you admire, because how else would you know what they are doing? Where it becomes a problem is when the obsession over the thing that you are after becomes so strong that it drives you into the stalking, which is not acceptable. It is completely fine to follow what you enjoy, but it is the complete opposite to stalk it. Kaitlin Lynch Ginger Bondurant

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