Surveillance Is Not Always A Good Thing

Primary Material
I am choosing primary material based on my main topic. Being that my topic of research revolves around stalking and sexual harassment over social media, I chose to focus in on a specific website and television. Facebook is my main focus. I will be analyzing certain instances where stalkers/ sexual predators attempt to reach kids or even older people through facebook.
Having facebook as a primary source seems like having a broad topic. It isn’t as broad as it seems. I am not looking at certain parts of facebook such as wall posts, messaging, inboxes, etc, but rather studying the ways of a sexual predator and how they choose to go about their mischief. Through my research with my primary material I came across some very helpful information that soon became some of my primary material. I came across reports and blogs about a television show based completely on my topic. It is called “To Catch A Predator”.
To catch a predator is a television series produced by Dateline about a fake ‘victim’ pretending to be an innocent, ignorant young girl/boy over facebook. The purpose of this is to lure in the criminals and sexual predators. The person faking the young child will invite the criminal over and the Dateline camera crew will be there waiting to bust this sexual predator. Talk about surveillance! This television show has a lot of it! In the end justice is served to the sexual predator whether he likes it or not. I will be looking at specific episodes and analyzing the ways of the stalker.
This television show is great when it comes to my research question. How and why do sexual predators go about getting to young women, and how can we minimize it or even stop it? To Catch a Predator does a very nice job tracking down predators through facebook surveillance, and I think this definitely goes forth in helping minimize sexual predation through facebook. I will be looking at this relationship in my research and eventually answering my question in full.

To Catch A Predator

Additional Sources
"To Catch A Predator" Analysis
Parents Set Up Facebook Sting To Bust Teen Daughter’s Sex Offender Boyfriend
To Catch A Predator- Shaping The Image Of A Predator
Facebook as a Surveillance Tool: From the Perspective of the User
Texas mom dresses as daughter to catch Facebook predator

So What?
The main audience I am targeting is young girls and parents. Of course this information is good for just about anyone’s knowledge. It is information like this that is just good common knowledge, but since this is mainly focused on men reaching young women, it concerns them the most. Older, creepy, lying men trying to get to young girls is sadly a common topic. This is not just a one way thing, which most people blame it on the man. In reality the main cause of this is the lack of knowledge of young girls about privacy settings. You can control what you put on Facebook and who it/you are available to. If you chose to respond to a man you don’t know, that is your own fault. He may be the instigator, but you need to be smart and be careful for people like him. This topic is very important in my eyes, mainly to educate the public on this issue so they can see it coming and stop it. I chose to research ways to stop things like this from happening mainly through the TV show “How to Catch a Predator”. This show is all about things like this happening and how to stop them.

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