Surveillnace of Mass Media Through Twitter

Research Question

How do certain people, not only the government, watch what you post publicly on social networking sites? Of that information, what do the social networking sites own? Can they release this information to whoever they want?


Social Networking - “a social structure that connects audiences with the use of transferring information through a medium of technologies to educate, entertain, and influence its viewers using websites like Facebook and Twitter that allow you to express certain things and communicate with other users by sharing pictures, videos, and comments, which may be accomplished by sending to a specific person or group.”

Informative Surveillance – Surveillance in which anyone who wants to locate specific information can and has access to that information regardless of what the means of surveillance is, whether the surveillance be for research purposes or for an in depth investigation.

Primary Materials

The topic that I am looking into researching is the surveillance of mass media on social networking sites, in this case, Twitter. In my research I am going to look into the privacy policies of the networking sites as well as how much control people have over what they allow others to see. I already know some things: you can make your account private; you can limit who can see your post and you can block certain people. In my research I would like to find out how much of your information is available to the public, what information the sites own after you place it on them, and how can others watch or how can you watch others and personal matters through these social networking sites. I will be doing this though means of looking at privacy, auto-phishing, ownership and the ability of people to be able to see your information even if they are not following you. Are you really as safe as you think you are?

The primary sources that I have chosen to do my research around all relate to my topic, but also to the general topic that we are discussing in this class, which is surveillance and mass media. In “Covering the Scandal” we see how the surveillance of social networking sites, such as Twitter, can have a huge impact on things that happen in our everyday lives. If it would not have been for Twitter then all of the information that was used in the Penn States scandal would not have been recovered. “Covering the scandal” is the main resource that I am going to be using in my research and in transferring information into my actual piece that I am going to be writing. It provides all of the information that I am looking to discuss in my paper, from the surveillance of individual people to the surveillance of a large group of people looking for answers. his article also ties into another part of my research that is very helpful, which i auto-phishing. This relates to the privacy of your social networking and the ownership of your information. Covering the Scandal

Another good article that I am going to be using to base my information around is “From Policies to Punishments: The ACC and Social Networking.” This article provides me will more useful information that will help me in producing my final product. It talks about how athletes have to be careful of what they put on their social networking sites because they could actually lose their positions on the sports teams because of information that they post. Again, this shows us that surveillance of mass media through social networking is a huge part of how some surveillance is done. Privacy and ownership is a big part of this article. When the athletes post things they have to be careful because it might not be as private as what they think it is. This in turn would lead to someone seeing it that shouldn't be seeing and the athlete getting in trouble for the things that they are partaking in. From Policies to Punishment

When I read the article that I have chosen on “Computer Surveillance,” I find an immense amount of information that I need to use for my project. Whenever you are presenting something you always have to be able to prove that you know what you are talking about and provide a background on the information that you are discussing. This article discusses how computers and the internet can be used when dealing with surveillance. This is one of the main ways that surveillance takes place in today’s society and contains crucial information that I need to discuss and include in my paper so that I can prove my credibility. This article is the back bone to my research and the paper that I am going to be writing one the wiki page. With computer surveillance we can see all of the things that I am talking about in one place. Auto-phishing, ownership and privacy are thing that can be looked at through computer surveillance. This gives people the ability to look at your stuff no matter what. Whether they be following you or not, computer surveillance allows them to get into your personal information. Computer Surveillance

So What

The importance of my research throughout this semester is to be able to answer questions that I have had for a long time and also questions that have come up in class. When you do have a social networking account with all of your information on them, what do they have permission to do with that information? I hope to address not only the people in this class, but also the youth all over the world. After doing this research I would like people to be able to understand what is done with their information. To my research, I am going to add what I think that we should do with our social networking sites. I’m going to discuss how to protect your information and how to limit what you put on social networking sites. Do you really want someone to have access to all of the information that you put your social networking sites? What I have provided is helpful because maybe it will make people think a little more about what they post publicly. I have provided information that shows ways people can access your information and who can access your information. Everything that I have worked on is not only important to me but also important to everyone who shares all of their information on social networking sites. You really are not as safe as you would make it out to be and I hope by me doing this research people will satrt to understand that and influence themselves to start making smarter choices with their personal information.

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