The "Man" Is Watching

Twitter Transparecy
The government uses social networks such as twitter and Facebook to increase their production in preventing any threats to US citizens or political leadears. Due to this tactic to keep citizens safe and at ease it actually caused paranoia and a loss sense of privacy on the net. Twitter is a social network that you may post pictures, express thoughts, and communicate with other users. It’s formatted with your own personal profile page with a background in which you may put any picture of your choosing, a header in which you may post any picture of your choosing, and a profile picture, which is ideally meant for a picture of oneself so other users can see what you look like.When expressing your thoughts on twitter you are limited to 160 characters in doing so. Then once posted your post is then considered a tweet in correlation to the twitter logo that is a blue bird. Now, your tweet will then join a long board full of all the tweets of the people you follow. That’s what is called your timeline. To follow people to see what they tweet you must go to that person’s profile page and click on a grey box with a plus sign in it. Once you click it you it will turn blue and you will officially be following that person. That person honestly, unless they make their page private, doesn’t need permission from another person to follow them.
You may contact people on twitter one of two ways. You could either in a tweet put a persons profile name in it and that person will be notified of what you said in another page on the website called your mentions. But if you wanted to make the conversation more private you could simply use a direct message. A direct message is like your text message inbox on your phone except for just like your like your tweets it limits you to 160 characters per message and you can only direct message people you follow. It’s an extremely free flowing website that is very high tempo.
Facebook is a social network that you may post pictures, express thoughts, communicate with other users, and also play various games. It’s formatted with your own personal profile page with a background in which you may put any picture of your choosing, a header in which you may post any picture of your choosing, and a profile picture, which is ideally meant for a picture of oneself so other users can see what you look like. It’s very similar to twitter in that light, but on it’s profile page you may see when people put you in a status or tag you in pictures that they want you to see and you will be notified of that happening in your notifications.
With dealing with your friends on this site they’re considered your friends. For anyone to see anything on your profile page they must click the friend button on your page, which will then notify you in your notification where you have the option to allow them to be your friend so they can see your status, pictures, or links. Information like status, if a friend liked someone’s picture, if a friend uploads a photo, etc. all will be able to be seen on what is call your news feed. Status on Facebook where ideas, links, or pictures may be posted have unlimited character link. So if you need to express something no matter the length you can in your status. If one of your friends likes a status you posted they can click on a thumbs up icon under the status.
To contact your friends you could either post a status on their page, IM them, or send a message. IM means instant messaging, which is like a chat room for you and that person to response times can be a lot quicker. With sending a message its’ exactly like text messaging but on a computer. It has its on storage inbox and unlimited characters.
You may also when board play games that are sponsored by companies who pay into Facebook so they may get advertisement on the social network.
Twitter and Facebook tie into my topic because they are both social networks that can be accessed by the government by anytime of their choosing so they can monitor anyone’s profile page, pictures, and messaging as if it’s theirs. One kid at a high school in Arizona tweeted about wanting to bomb his high school and one of the six government agencies internet programs caught a key word in his tweet which tells whoever is monitoring the system that someone used a certain phrase or word that tipped them off that there might be a possible problem about to occur. The kid was later arrested before he could do any harm.
In my hometown of Athens, Georgia there was a huge fight in a park between regional gangs. Police had no leads on who was involved, but luckily due to their resources they got on to local students Facebook pages and found a video of the fight on a news feed and was able to arrest everyone that was caught fighting on the film.
These methods are highly useful but in the process it is extremely dis heartening to civilians to know they are constantly being monitored in the things they do no matter the age. It then goes deeper into some Americans feeling that their freedom of speech has be hindered because of it. If the government has the power to go into our private conversations without consent what else could they do if in the wrong hands? Occurring incidents of high power leaders using their resources to take more from the working class or lower has put people on edge with trusting the government to only use their powers good. With this tares line between the government and the people they’re hear to serve. It’s an entirely sticky situation.

So What
The government has six agencies that's sole purpose sole purpose is to keep twitter and Facebook under surveillance through users inboxes or timelines in hopes to prevent any publicized attempts to endanger American citizens. American citizens have a problem with this because these websites are a big part of their lives; it's where people socialize, show creative thoughts, and keep up with other users. As years go by the human race continues to advance ourselves in the field of technology and as we continue to grow and make more improvements to it, it becomes more and more important in everyday life. Th average social media users spends 18% of their time on Facebook or Twitter. So, as we become more and more integrated in these social medias we put more faith and time into them. Some US citizens feel that their words and what they post are being watched or personal messages are bing seen they won't have that place to get that anger, stress, or sadness out. Where do those people turn to then? It honestly opens up a door to people to express themselves in a maybe dangerous or detrimental way.
I personally use Facebook and twitter every day to either see what my followers or friends are doing, to see what's the hot news for the day, to contact people, or to simply express my feelings or ideas at that moment, so to know the government might be monitoring what I'm saying or doing puts me in a state of distrust. I personally didn't give them my permission to so to me. I feel I can't be completely honest or free to speak my mind with the thoughts of "The Man" overseeing me. In doing this people are feeling like we are in a cage figuratively speaking because our social medias are places where we can be creatively free to be different without restrictions without criticism. Now, the government is honestly having production with this method in preventing dangers. Over 1 million possible American threats were prevented with this. So it has a foundation to stand on with the production its having. Where is the balance that keeps American comfortable to be creative and free on twitter and Facebook while the government still is doing its job with keeping the US citizens safe? There is no clear cut answer, only time will truly tell.

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