Wesley Guy

Hello, my name is Wesley Guy and I am a current freshman at Georgia Southern University inStatesboro, Georgia. As of now, I am an undeclared student, but I am leading towards something in the field of Criminology. I am joing this Wiki page along with my other classmates in my English 1102 class to discuss on the subject matter of surveillance and mass media.
While doing this assignment, I had some troubles in completing the actual task. Once I set up my new Wiki account, I was unable to actually go into the site and edit parts of the page. When I tried to log on to join along with the rest of my classmates, it told me that only members could access the site and I had to wait to be authorize so that I could complete the assignment. But as soon as I was able to gain access, to the page everything seemed pretty simple. I believe the hardest part of this assignment is just getting the correct authorization so that one could finish the assignment, and then after that it should be a breeze.
I did have a few questions about the site and how we will be using this. Is the Wiki page completely private, even from other classmates? I know everyone is connected to the class with the class page, but will each classmate have their own individual page, where other classmates can edit or comment on other people’s work? And lastly, will this wiki page consist of mass media and surveillance or will there be two separate pages.
By the end of semester, I feel like I would be an excellent contributor to this site because I would have spent a majority of my time during these sixteen weeks talking about the subjects of mass media and surveillance and getting a lot of research done about these two very broad topics. My classmates and I will be more equipped with the knowledge that we have gain over this semester than what we started. We would have completed enough research doing various projects on these two topics that will make us credible to discuss the information.

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